ThroughTheLens April 4, 2008

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random – the mother nature awards April 1, 2008

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It’s another weekend to spoil. What’s best than going out and play?

Besides, I felt very good that time. Something inspiring built inside, so that’s when I realized I shot some ‘nice’ images that day.


The playtime started at Peace Park, Layang – Layangan. Somehow I like the contrast build from the monument and the dark blue sky. I think this is when I set my shutter speed to 1/600 or something.


Dont know why I shot this.

Then drive to UMS for another round when I spotted the grass was really really green. I stopped at one picnic spot, and began looking for the best spot to shot this one. Some people really like this one when I posted this in some forums.


Inspiring? Hehe


Just in front of the UMS – KAL. When I get satisfy, I’ll wrap things up and go home. Excessive effort on making my day after I’ve found a satisfaction will keep me away from total enjoyment in photography. So I decided to go home.

Anyway, this is the sunset view from my house. I like the color.




So, how was your day?


Blue sky, cheeky smile. March 30, 2008

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This is the best picture ever. Can’t resist staring at this photo. The blue sky, the rock, the subject, the Holga. This is my personal favorite for this year.


Some people hate me for my past mistake. Some people just being a bitch trying to hate me like their friend did. Some are just ignorance to care much about my past mistakes – simply because of the confidence in second chance.

Are you willing to give your ex a second chance?

Another shot taken this morning. Do you like it?



save our Labuan beach March 28, 2008

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I went to the beach today. This time, I didn’t go to Pancur Hitam or Pohon Batu like I always do. I went to the beach in front of the Tiara Hotel instead.

You should know me; I enjoy relaxing at beach. I don’t care if I got that ‘salty’ feel on my skin. As long as I got to relax, I’ll be fine.

This time, I couldn’t resist to walk on the shore.

Dear Labuan peoples, we should be thankful to God for the beautiful white sandy beach.


*this was taken at Tanjung Aru.


But do we care about our beach at all? I saw plastic bags all over the place. Well, not that critical, but it doesn’t add any compliment to the white sand. Singapore Chicken Rice, Labuan Supermarket, Beras Bernas and plenty more to list here. Why people dump plastic bag to the ocean? Don’t they think of the fish and any other sea creatures?

We should remember one thing. What we have now, that will be our kids and grandchildren heritage.


I admit I did pick some plastic bag and put it to where it belongs – the dustbin. Not that I want to show off that I did what a good citizen will do. I realized that I can make a difference even though it’s just a dozen of plastic bags.


So, I asked you, fellow readers to keep this in mind.

1. If you go for a picnic, PLEASE do not mess up the place with your plastic bags and rubbish. Put it to the dustbin. If there is no dustbin around, collect and gather it in a plastic bag, and drop it at any dustbin you can find – even if you have to walk a distance to find one. Walking is healthy you know.

2. PLEASE consider that God gave us a beautiful planet and He want us to be the care taker. Please do not rely on the contractor that rewarded by your City Council to do the job alone.

3. Even better, before we go to the picnic spot, avoid taking with you a plastic bag. Put all things that you need in a container or a basket – anything that you can bring home.

4. Report to the related authorities if you saw anyone dumping massive rubbish to the ocean. I bet anyone would have that camera phone – make full use of it.

5. Teach your kids to be responsible to the environment. Never let them learn that ‘it’s not my responsibility’ by looking and learning from you of being irresponsible to the environment. What you give you get back? You don’t believe me? Wait till you get old and your kids show that ‘ it’s not my responsibility’ attitude.

That’s all you need to remember.


Flower Power 2 March 26, 2008

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Black & White – Random March 24, 2008

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Honda Civic Type R Sedan March 22, 2008

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Come Friday, March 30, the new Civic Type R will go on sale in Japan. Based on the current Civic 4-door, the Type R is powered by a screaming, normally aspirated 2.0-liter four cylinder (K20A) that eclipses 100 hp/liter, producing around 225 ponies at 8,000 rpm and 159 lb-ft of torque at 6,100 rpm.. A six-speed manual transmission feeds power to the front wheels — 18-inch units shod with a set of Bridgestone Potenzas. Four-piston Brembos are visible between the spokes and provide the car’s stopping power. Body rigidity is said to be 50% better than that of the previous Integra Type R (Acura RSX), and the car weighs in at 1,250 kg (2755 lbs) with no A/C installed. The creature comfort adds another 20 kg (44 lbs).


Externally, a redesigned front fascia incorporates a large lower air intake for improved breathing. The hood and front fenders are unique to the Type R, as is the rear bumper with its integrated diffuser. Red “H” emblems, sill extensions and the to-be-expected rear wing cap off the car’s racy look. Type R badging adorns the rear of the car, and logo decals are available for owners who want to add them to the spot in front of the rear wheel cutout. Additionally, Modulo provides an aftermarket stripe kit and accessory driving lights, both of which you can see in the attached gallery. Viewed in profile, the Type R has an aggressive stance, with a decidedly pointed snout. It is the best-looking Civic sedan available in any market.



Inside, Type R-exclusive front seats await the driver and passenger, and the upholstery is available in either all-black or a black-and-red two-tone. An aluminum shift knob, metallic pedals, red steering wheel logo, and an Engine Start button make it clear that this is not your ordinary Civic, while options such as ambient lighting in the footwells and Honda’s hard-disk navigation system allow for further personalization. Three paint colors — Championship White, Super Platinum metallic, and Vivid Blue Pearl — are offered, and Honda hopes to sell 400 of the cars each month at a price of 2,835,000 yen (which directly translates to around $24,000 USD for those of you who were wondering, not that it really applies to us). All we know is that we want one. Badly.


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