I’m on the magazine! February 28, 2007

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My expression adopted in my creativity doesn’t come free. It comes with criticism as well. Don’t get me wrong, criticism is not about condemning, it’s about judgemental value. I appreciate any comments.

I really have nothing to do these days, despite the tight schedule; 9 – 5, my current full time job. 7 – 10, my side income business.

Me : Was thinking on the marketing plan for NXG.
Fiza : Sharp chin and a nagger.

Adam : Dont kill me for this!

Anyway, I’ve practiced some skills on designing.

Tools : BenQ DC C510
Software : ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5

Reference : Personal Money, dated back then in 2005 | FHM Philippines Edition | Travel Asia was created personally – I dont know if there’s any magazine out there that carry the brand Travel Asia. I think I only find the title somewhere in Discovery Channel.


My Labuan Island February 27, 2007

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It’s now official that Sensasi TV3 banned for live telecast or pre-recorded session by the MCMC (Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission). It’s banned! ‘Thanks’ to so-called-sensational actress Rosnah Mat Aris for her attitude on ‘mulut laser’. I wonder what statement she going to use to retract the fact that she’s the reason behind the ban of the TV show. Source


It was great to visit one of the landmark in Labuan when I’m terribly bored to live in this island. Either Im not the type of guy that enjoy night life, or there’s more about Labuan that I haven’t explore yet. A visit to the obsolete horse riding centre, and the Labuan Bird Park, gave another perspective of living in Labuan. I felt more close to the nature, and the consciousness about my responsibility towards my hometown.

With BenQ DC C510 digital camera, it was a few step closer to the enjoyment of taking beautiful pictures of the types of bird they have here, in Labuan Bird Park. I admit I always bitching about the flawness of this camera, but then, it comes in handy on certain condition. Still I’m dreaming of FZ7, that provides 12X digital zoom, Leica Lens and Mega OIS.

Eversince the creation of, aspired by the consciousness inside me, I worked and planned for one portal where anyone in this world can access some virtual informations with regards to this island. For ages, Labuan has been known ultimately for its night entertainment, duty free liquor and Guest Relation Officers that easily access to anyone with the passionate of horse, and lonely pathetic guy with big ‘gun’ small brain. Labuan is not all about degradation of morality. There’s more to explore in Labuan.

Grown up in few places around Malaysia, and travelled to few countries made my love to Labuan stronger. I’ve been in Labuan permanently for almost two years. I was born here, but travelled to many places due to my father job as government servant. Always blurred when asked about Labuan, I put on much strengths on my curiousity and consciousness to learn more about Labuan. And here I am, witnessing the growth of Labuan for the past couple of years, in every aspect I can think of, be it economic development, society imbalance and immoralities issues. It’s all here in my head. I admit I am not into politic, because I don’t see myself fit in big leather chair and wearing fancy apparels to impress people and so-called boosting self-esteem by looking good. Anyway, I believe in brain functionality, rather than dead fabrics sticking on my body., was meant to be another source for anyone, and those who claimed lacking of informations and updates. It wasn’t meant to compete with the government subsidized medium. It was meant to educate peoples, to retract the facts that we have cheap booze and easy access to degrading female in skimpy cloth.

Some people told me they rather live in kampung style, where everything so simple, but still accepting modernization. That best explains why we have imported japanese cars, at least two of them, parked in our garage; other than the fact that the car price is cheap, thanks to the duty free status. For me, modernization comes in package of intellectual, infrastructures and society development. It’s useless to consume high-tech material when we only throw silence on the fact that sometimes abuse our privacy, socio-mentality and economy opportunities. Maybe it’s just me that think Labuan peoples dont have much control on certain matters mentioned above; professionally or just the like of orang kampung.

To me, Labuan is my responsibility. I am not Spiderman, whom rewarded with greater power, and burdened with greater responsibilities. I only have this blog medium, a pinch of ideas, thoughts & opinions, and few peoples to read my blogs. But still I think Labuan has a long way to go, and here I am taking the initial steps on the mission to contribute something useful to Labuan.

Please dont vote me for the next election. I’m terribly hopeless in giving false hope.


February 25, 2007

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On Saturday….


They’re making love….

*Ok.. I was joking when I said the horse was making love. And I did some horse riding that day. This is just for fun, ok. The horse riding centre open everyday, starting from 5 pm. Weekends, from 8 am – 7 pm.

*I’ll update when I’ve done the photo editing for Taman Burung Labuan and the Lion Dance show in Financial Park.


The hobby that drives me. February 7, 2007

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I know these couple of days I was a bit blunt, sarcasm and mentally confused. For some reason, not all faults can be pointed to one particular person, without considering the external elements and environments. I am truly sorry for the entries that contain negative elements, regarding peoples around me, and matters that I’ve got to go through. It has been removed for good. Smile!


It was a frustrating moment to realize that my camera didn’t performed very well at night, especially during the Federal Territory Day celebration last couple of days. I might save my face by taking videos, as I knew it was very useful to cover up my ass when I’d promised earlier I will snap some pictures during the FT Day and will post it to my blog, and forum.

To make it worst, it was windy, and I don’t have a stable hand to hold the camera properly. Plus, I was standing right under the fireworks (not really close, but merely) and it hurts my neck pretty bad. That’s the point I shall remember.

With BenQ C510, it is almost impossible to take good pictures, even when you’re playing with the ISO, EV, Speed Shutter and other functions that I really think was made to fancy this camera. It doesn’t work all the time. I don’t know if the camera became obsolete already, or maybe it was sulking because I used it everyday to snap anything possible – to sharpen my skill.

Sometimes, the picture comes pretty good and sharp. Macro shot is impossible, thus my practice limited on landscape and any solid objects. Don’t talk about moving objects, this camera is terribly hopeless. But still I can cover my ass by making it a little bit commercial; mostly the ideas came from magazine I’ve read.

It came to my mind that I need a good camera as I was motivated by continuous failure and frustration. But still I am grateful to have this; at least I’ve leaped from camera phone to digital camera. Progress means a matter of time.

The real reason I need a good camera. It’s a matter of opportunity.

Last night, I went to any camera shop around Labuan, looking for something that affordable and good in quality. I saw the Sony T10 & T50, Canon IXUS models, and any other brand of camera as well. My judgment based on the topic I’ve read somewhere in forum; when one forum member provide two models and asked for any experienced guys, and I remember someone said, Sony is more towards branding, thus made it expensive but still a good choice. I can’t afford DSLR (besides, camera shops in Labuan are hopeless; they don’t even sell DSLR).

Only in Financial Park I saw the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1, with the price tag RM 1,599.00. Equipped with Leica lens, and the digital functions, I really think this is the camera that I need. But still I need to ask few peoples in certain forums about this camera, to match with my need, knowledge and my status as newbie (which indicates my photography skill anyway). It’s like you drive a Skyline R34, when you don’t even know it has an ATTESA System, and you tried to drift it at first time. Nah..

But for now, all I need to do is save some money, and fork it later for the camera. Tell me your opinion, please.