The hobby that drives me. February 7, 2007

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I know these couple of days I was a bit blunt, sarcasm and mentally confused. For some reason, not all faults can be pointed to one particular person, without considering the external elements and environments. I am truly sorry for the entries that contain negative elements, regarding peoples around me, and matters that I’ve got to go through. It has been removed for good. Smile!


It was a frustrating moment to realize that my camera didn’t performed very well at night, especially during the Federal Territory Day celebration last couple of days. I might save my face by taking videos, as I knew it was very useful to cover up my ass when I’d promised earlier I will snap some pictures during the FT Day and will post it to my blog, and forum.

To make it worst, it was windy, and I don’t have a stable hand to hold the camera properly. Plus, I was standing right under the fireworks (not really close, but merely) and it hurts my neck pretty bad. That’s the point I shall remember.

With BenQ C510, it is almost impossible to take good pictures, even when you’re playing with the ISO, EV, Speed Shutter and other functions that I really think was made to fancy this camera. It doesn’t work all the time. I don’t know if the camera became obsolete already, or maybe it was sulking because I used it everyday to snap anything possible – to sharpen my skill.

Sometimes, the picture comes pretty good and sharp. Macro shot is impossible, thus my practice limited on landscape and any solid objects. Don’t talk about moving objects, this camera is terribly hopeless. But still I can cover my ass by making it a little bit commercial; mostly the ideas came from magazine I’ve read.

It came to my mind that I need a good camera as I was motivated by continuous failure and frustration. But still I am grateful to have this; at least I’ve leaped from camera phone to digital camera. Progress means a matter of time.

The real reason I need a good camera. It’s a matter of opportunity.

Last night, I went to any camera shop around Labuan, looking for something that affordable and good in quality. I saw the Sony T10 & T50, Canon IXUS models, and any other brand of camera as well. My judgment based on the topic I’ve read somewhere in forum; when one forum member provide two models and asked for any experienced guys, and I remember someone said, Sony is more towards branding, thus made it expensive but still a good choice. I can’t afford DSLR (besides, camera shops in Labuan are hopeless; they don’t even sell DSLR).

Only in Financial Park I saw the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1, with the price tag RM 1,599.00. Equipped with Leica lens, and the digital functions, I really think this is the camera that I need. But still I need to ask few peoples in certain forums about this camera, to match with my need, knowledge and my status as newbie (which indicates my photography skill anyway). It’s like you drive a Skyline R34, when you don’t even know it has an ATTESA System, and you tried to drift it at first time. Nah..

But for now, all I need to do is save some money, and fork it later for the camera. Tell me your opinion, please.


5 Responses to “The hobby that drives me.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah i use the same camera as yours so i know exactly what u mean. I too start to demand more from my little bugger (its only because sometimes i get to use my company camera that i get to take better shots).

    Im waiting for the next pikom to get a new camera. Save up man, then we get a new cam like maybe during a camera exhibition?

    PS: I heard SONY is expensive coz of brand, but the color is very bright… it depends, some folks say it gives a very “toy” feeling coz the color is too bright.

    – Julian Sabah

  2. Albert Says:

    Of the superzooms, the Canon S3IS is bright and not as noisy as the Panasonic, with Image Stabilizer. The Fujfilm S6500fd has ISO3200 and is the least noisy, plus it has a manual zoom ring (once you try it in action photography you’ll realize how awesome it is).

    I find that pointing upwards increases stability a lot, so fireworks would look better when shooting from directly below.

  3. sr215 Says:

    Thanks Albert. I’ve started to search for those models you’ve mentioned.

    The important thing is to keep it within my budget.

    Im a newbie, thus I dont know much about photography, all the functions provided, all the tools and lenses available.

    By the way, ISO 3200? That’s too fast.

  4. alynee Says:

    hei..wah i am almost 4get abt tht 1st feb celebration..which actually i used to celebrate and to participate in the marathon thinging..u make me miss labuan so much..

  5. alynee Says:

    hei i am using sony cyber shot 5.1 mega pixels..T7..yg nipis2 giler tu..hehhe black colour..ya pretty expencive lah..but i bought it coz i like sony, and i love its cool..and the pic so far not bad..coz they is a lot of mood tht u can choose lah..but i thk better go for cannon lah..

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