1,000kg manta ray gets caught in fishing net off Labuan shores. March 30, 2007

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A group of fishermen with a manta ray, or giant manta (Manta birostris) weighing more than 1,000kg that got caught in their fishing nets in the waters off Sungai Pagar, Labuan, at about 10.30am, 29 Mar 2007.

The creature was found by Awang Japrin, 35, and four of his friends. With a distinctive “horn” (from which the common name devil ray stems) on either side of its broad head, the manta is a prized sighting by divers.

*It’s a great pity that the ray was landed. I assume that it was dead when taken out of the net? They are quite harmless and feed on plancton. *

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Malays forget easily March 27, 2007

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Note :
This Saturday the junior team of Labuan Rugby Club will have a friendly match with OSCA junior team, and perhaps Highlanders Junior as well. This will be my first match after almost 3 years of not in the game.

Malays forget easily. The book contains the speech of Tun Mahathir during his speech at the 55th UMNO General Assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on June 21, 2001.

In one of his bluntest wake-up calls to the Malays, Dr Mahathir drives home the fact that the Malay mindset must change to enable them to face up to the tough challenges that lie ahead. They must make an effort to be hardworking, strive hard to seek knowledge and other essential skills, and to hold on to good values in their conduct. They must never take their special rights for granted. They must discard the belief that they will always be safe and to start thinking they may no longer be protected by their special rights and privileges.

I’ve read the whole book, and for an extrovert like him, it’s a brilliant move to expose the weakness of his own race, for the sake of awareness and self esteem thus leads to universal harmonies among Malaysian citizens. I don’t think this book is all about supremacy; which one would raise his race above all and degrades others that he felt don’t deserve to be respected. Abandoned, assaulted and negatively treated for his honest opinion based on his observation, at least he still got me amazed by his thoughts.

Somehow, through my observation on peoples around me, whatever implemented in Tun Mahathir speech does not apply here in Labuan. And I can summarize the whole things as degrading their own race.

I can’t believe some ‘superior’ Malays would think most Malays are:

  1. Depends solely on Government subsidy.
  2. Not motivated to excel to another level.
  3. Ignored the opportunities taken by outsiders in our own land.
  4. Think most Malays loyalty as suck up.

I must say that was terrible, hearing from someone considered as successful government servant, made a statement as if he was embarrassed of his own race.

This is not a racist post, nor an attempt to create mass debates and mindless thoughts when it comes to racial matter.

This post results as my disappointment towards these peoples, whom considered successful and made a handsome paycheck every months. This post represents the anger inside me, except there’s no blood, vulgarity and of course, it’s written, not spoken, and I must say I was calm during the process. There’s no need to raise the blood pressure for a person that never appreciates the hardness of life they’ve been through (I guess. Some peoples are born rich).

Firstly, the statements on most Malays depends solely on Government subsidy is not correct. I believe we’re now living in a world that full of opportunities. Opportunities were meant to be taken, and for those who manage to gain and secure it can be considered as a winner. Subsidy was not meant to be given continuously. Subsidy is a help to make a good start. We all need help, thus we shall look at subsidy as help. It’s up to the receiver to use the subsidy @ help efficiently.

I can’t talk much about the second point, because I’m not sure what does they mean about that.

When outsiders came to Labuan to start a business, it’s a healthy competition. We’re exposed to their business skills, attitude and new products. But to accuse local Labuan ignored the situation is not accurate. Anyway, to what group of peoples they considered as ignoring the ‘invasion’ and competition? Underage? I am 24, and now I’m considering to lend my expertise on certain fields to one company from Singapore, which I can operates from here, without hesitation. NXG Solutions is the first company I’ve ventured into, and so far we’re doing well, apart from delayed action, we’re doing pretty well. We’re still young, and we need more time. Being a young guy with rebellious vision, sometimes there’s a good thing behind all the mess, and that’s a good lesson to learn.

To accuse Malay as suck up is a little bit incorrect. Yes, I know few peoples that doing that to achieve a lot of things in their own ‘fast-track’. Everything will be easy when you have all the links to the ‘big guy’. But then, we all know everything will be ended when the big guy don’t sit in Parliament anymore. And of course I believe the Dato’title now is so easy to earn you can get it before you reach 30’s. This is the world of globalization where supremacy doesn’t apply when we’re connected to the billions of peoples out there.

This is the era of equality, and the only things that differentiate peoples are their knowledge, be it IQ or EQ or the combination of both.

And believe me, driving a fancy car with a 9 years loan agreement is not a sign of luxury, it’s the burden laid on your ass.. I mean… financial capabilities./>nuffnang_bid = “081fd07fd721ff375650480881a47c88”;<


BMW M3 V-8! March 26, 2007

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While Geneva’s M3 was dubbed a “concept”, we expect it to be nearly identical to the production model we’ll see this fall.

BMW lovers worldwide await nothing quite like they await an M3. Recently seen at the Geneva motor show, the fourth-generation M3 is at a base 420 horsepower at 8300 rpm by European standards, while North American calculations project a 414-horsepower rating according to M engineers in Munich. That’s up from 333 horsepowers at the peak of the third-generation North American M3 (343 brake horsepower in Europe). Torque gets pumped to 295 pound-feet at 3900 rpm, at least 251 pound-feet of that (85 percent) available from 2100 rpm up to the 8400-rpm rev limiter.
Switching from the legendary S54B32 inline-6 in the last M3 to this new S65B40 V-8 for the imminent E92 M3 didn’t happen (according to BMW M bosses) just because Formula One went from V-10s to V-8s for the 2006 season. Head of M engine project management Helmut Himmel tells us, “Back in 1999 when we started initial plans for the S85B50 [for the M5 and M6], we already had it in mind to eventually create an eight-cylinder version of that engine for a future M3.”

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Mercedes Benz SCL 600 March 13, 2007

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Photographs show a new joystick-controlled Mercedes Benz SCL 600 automobile.

Mercedes Benz SCL 600

Gull wing doors type – Expensive yet effective in tight parking space – if you don’t know how to park properly.

Common rear trunk style nowadays

Joystick anyone?

These images of a futuristic “new Mercedes-Benz SCL600” automobile – including technical innovations such as a joystick in place of a steering wheel, a video monitor in place of a rear-view mirror, and swivelling gull-wing doors – are difficult to classify as “true” or “false”. They are genuine photographs of a real car, but the car was constructed a as a research vehicle, not as something to be made available for purcahse by consumers (although some of its features may have been, or soon may be, incorporated into commercially-available models), and it isn’t really “new” (in a technological sense) as it was introduced over ten years ago.

The above displayed photos are pictures of DaimlerChrysler’s H 200 Imagination concept study, produced by the Mercedes-Benz design team and unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1996 to show off ‘groundbreaking systems for improving safety and comfort in passenger cars’ and demonstrate ‘just how technocal innovations could open up new avenues for the styling of future top-of-the-range cars'”.

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Changing the engine oil. March 10, 2007

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It’s 2,000 km past my 5,000 kms routine of changing the engine oil. I’ve decided this time I’ll use the 10W-40 type of engine oil. I admit this is not a high performance car, and as a daily use car, it might not be an ideal way of treating your engine. Anyway, I am totally satisfied with the performance now, compared to the 15W-40.

I have to do the job at my office, because someone at home dont like me doing this at my own. I got the knowledge, I got the tools, so it’s not deadly to let a young man carrying his enthusiasm into handy.

The tools are ready in my trunk.

From left : Honda Oil Filter, Q8 Motor Oil 10W-40, Deizin Volt Stabilizer

Anyway, I got this for RM 30.00. It really helps because the oil filter size is smaller than the Proton ‘s oil filter. Anyway, this can be used to all size of oil filters.

Jack up your car a bit so you can put a proper container under the oli lump. Reminder : Let your engine cool down before you do this, and open up the engine oil cover (at the top) to reduce the pressure inside the engine.

For this car, the lug size is 17.

At first, I thought I want to clean up the whole intake system, but then I was at the office. With the boss yelling from the other end of the phone, clients screaming for support, I can’t make it possible. Hopefully I can do this sometime later…. maybe next month… or next year…

Anyway, I managed to take a video of this car, running zero to hundred in standard condition. I have reset the ECU back to normal, get the fuel cut back to 120km/h. I know I can save more money on fuel now.

Apology for the fuel meter, I was on my way to the gas station.


UMS-KAL Open Rugby Tournament in Labuan March 5, 2007

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I am calculating the odds that I’ll be sent to Australia again. This time to attend some job commitment in Brisbane and Sydney. I’m not going. Apparently the job schedule relocated to some time until the next notification.

There was a rugby tournament held by the UMS – KAL (Universiti Malaysia Sabah Kampus Antarabangsa Labuan) last Saturday, March 03, 2007 taking place at the Labuan Square. I was late, but it doesn’t stop the enthusiast inside me that have been there for ages.

The last time I went to watch rugby tournament was like 2 years ago, the rugby tournament for schools in Malaysia, which was held in Labuan. Forgive me, I cant remember the correct time frame. This rusty brain needs a work out pretty bad.

I’m not trying to brag, but I was in the rugby team for SM Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru, and UiTM Kota Kinabalu Branch. My position varied, from hooker, to wing position, depends on the strategy and my abilities. Sometimes, I’ll take the position which won’t require running that much. I preferred to play in 7-side game, but then, 14-side game really challenging with all the big boys scrumming the defense to get to the touch lane.

I still remember when I was playing for my school team; I don’t have a decent shoe to play the game. I have to borrow my friend’s shoe, and sometimes bare-footed for the sake of obeying my great interest in rugby. I admit, I’m not into football that much, despite the environment of soccer fame and all that was really strong. And still, I’m hanging out with an older friend that used to play with Sabah team. But I don’t have much interest on soccer/football. I don’t know why.

When I was in UiTM, the only shoe I have was my dad’s shoe; Adidas, which has 12 stark beneath, and a great grip for doing sidestep to perform dummy and all the way to the touchdown lane. Too bad, someone stole it from me, and for God sake, it was my dad’s shoe!! I won’t forgive who ever the bastard that stole my shoe.

During my early involvement in rugby scene, most of the time I was chosen to be a water boy, or linesman, and most of the time sat at the bench, waiting for the chance to be in the game, which was never happened. That was when the time Mr Guns & Rosli (as if imitating the Guns & Roses band name) coaching my school team. I followed the training schedule, never missed it, and never failed to perform very well. My problem was, I was good in training, but terribly hopeless when asked to play in the real game. I managed to fix that, and that was what I brought to UiTM.

Together with a great team, such as, Zul, Salikin, Mahathir, Jamal, Ramil, Iskandar and many more to mention (sorry I forgot most of my teammates name), we had a real blast doing training and wrecking other team defense and dignity. I still can see that in the way UiTM played last Saturday. Teasing still the best way to perform in the game, and yet our legacy inherited by the current team of UiTM Kota Kinabalu.

I really enjoyed my past time playing rugby, appreciating the lessons, experiences and of course, the friendships strengthen by the love of the game. It was there, and I managed to get hold of it. I mean, in a way you appreciate the game and your friend. I never regret to be suspended for one semester because I refused to attend the most sucks subject in UiTM, which is Kesatria Negara. The main course in the subject is marching, with the uniform that looks like communist. And I wonder why the hell on earth UiTM KK or UiTM as a whole implementing the obligation to wear such uniform, as to praise the morality and various aspect presented with an intention to create a patriotic awareness among the Bumiputra’s; when we have to dress like communist to do so. What the hell communist apparel have to do with Malaysian patriotism? I thought we hate communist so much for ripping our country part by part. Yeah, what ever. Now they have the new uniform, which makes the Kesatria Negara cadet looks like fire department cadet. Yeah, what ever again.

Back to the rugby game. It was set in most peoples mind that rugby represents violence and roughness. Spoilt one might join the rugby team to make them respectful, because they simply think rugby players is the roughest person on earth. Try smack your head repeatedly to the wall, and look if it still there remain in one piece. There’s an art in rugby; the art of controlling the ball that’s not so round, the art of decreasing the odds of getting hurt badly when doing body contact, and more than that. Yes, we might be rough by screaming for ball from 20 metres away, but that was just an expression. Besides, I think we are better than professional soccer player that praised by the millions of peoples on earth because we can stand being hit, stepped on, and sometimes our collarbone dislocated. I admit sometimes I have to rest for one week, ignoring the tight training schedule just to get myself relief. I’ve seen worst, which was in JB, when the medical personnel have to do some minor surgery; stitching the players cut on his forehead; 4 inches cut, with the player’s full conscious. The player just looks at the needle and relaxes.

The other beautiful aspect of rugby is the team work. It was said rough and violence people don’t use their brain that much. Rugby players got excuse for that. Being roughly hit by the opponent, we still can think the strategy very clear and perform most tricks perfectly like what was practiced. Understanding is the most important point in this game.

And looking at the performance of Labuan Rugby Club team, I am thinking whether I want to play rugby again, or just sit here in the next tournament and shout like hyena praising the victory of touchdown. Maybe I will join the team, get back the skills I’ve left for more than 3 years now. I don’t know. Let time decide.