Changing the engine oil. March 10, 2007

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It’s 2,000 km past my 5,000 kms routine of changing the engine oil. I’ve decided this time I’ll use the 10W-40 type of engine oil. I admit this is not a high performance car, and as a daily use car, it might not be an ideal way of treating your engine. Anyway, I am totally satisfied with the performance now, compared to the 15W-40.

I have to do the job at my office, because someone at home dont like me doing this at my own. I got the knowledge, I got the tools, so it’s not deadly to let a young man carrying his enthusiasm into handy.

The tools are ready in my trunk.

From left : Honda Oil Filter, Q8 Motor Oil 10W-40, Deizin Volt Stabilizer

Anyway, I got this for RM 30.00. It really helps because the oil filter size is smaller than the Proton ‘s oil filter. Anyway, this can be used to all size of oil filters.

Jack up your car a bit so you can put a proper container under the oli lump. Reminder : Let your engine cool down before you do this, and open up the engine oil cover (at the top) to reduce the pressure inside the engine.

For this car, the lug size is 17.

At first, I thought I want to clean up the whole intake system, but then I was at the office. With the boss yelling from the other end of the phone, clients screaming for support, I can’t make it possible. Hopefully I can do this sometime later…. maybe next month… or next year…

Anyway, I managed to take a video of this car, running zero to hundred in standard condition. I have reset the ECU back to normal, get the fuel cut back to 120km/h. I know I can save more money on fuel now.

Apology for the fuel meter, I was on my way to the gas station.


4 Responses to “Changing the engine oil.”

  1. maslight Says:

    wuah well at least u got something done XD

    so less things to think about 🙂

    gewd for u

  2. SR215 Says:

    Yap.. already cross the list, and some other to-do things..

    check out my list far down there. 😀

  3. Zainijimmy Says: sad i cant watch the vids line super lag 😛

  4. SR215 Says:

    felt sorry for you zaini. Feel free to come back and view the clip anytime your connection is fine.

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