Mercedes Benz SCL 600 March 13, 2007

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Photographs show a new joystick-controlled Mercedes Benz SCL 600 automobile.

Mercedes Benz SCL 600

Gull wing doors type – Expensive yet effective in tight parking space – if you don’t know how to park properly.

Common rear trunk style nowadays

Joystick anyone?

These images of a futuristic “new Mercedes-Benz SCL600” automobile – including technical innovations such as a joystick in place of a steering wheel, a video monitor in place of a rear-view mirror, and swivelling gull-wing doors – are difficult to classify as “true” or “false”. They are genuine photographs of a real car, but the car was constructed a as a research vehicle, not as something to be made available for purcahse by consumers (although some of its features may have been, or soon may be, incorporated into commercially-available models), and it isn’t really “new” (in a technological sense) as it was introduced over ten years ago.

The above displayed photos are pictures of DaimlerChrysler’s H 200 Imagination concept study, produced by the Mercedes-Benz design team and unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1996 to show off ‘groundbreaking systems for improving safety and comfort in passenger cars’ and demonstrate ‘just how technocal innovations could open up new avenues for the styling of future top-of-the-range cars'”.

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4 Responses to “Mercedes Benz SCL 600”

  1. maslight Says:

    wooo…joystick controlled? damn that gonna cost..uh anyways, spacious, but the color yuck~

  2. SR215 Says:

    nevermind, KK got many places to paint at low price maa…

    Anyway, i dont know if we can drive using joystick..

  3. maslight Says:

    hahahhahaha rusak man use joystick to drive hahahahha..imagine dat

    wrong turn ahhahaha XD

  4. SR215 Says:

    neverminda. there’s ESC button.

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