BMW M3 V-8! March 26, 2007

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While Geneva’s M3 was dubbed a “concept”, we expect it to be nearly identical to the production model we’ll see this fall.

BMW lovers worldwide await nothing quite like they await an M3. Recently seen at the Geneva motor show, the fourth-generation M3 is at a base 420 horsepower at 8300 rpm by European standards, while North American calculations project a 414-horsepower rating according to M engineers in Munich. That’s up from 333 horsepowers at the peak of the third-generation North American M3 (343 brake horsepower in Europe). Torque gets pumped to 295 pound-feet at 3900 rpm, at least 251 pound-feet of that (85 percent) available from 2100 rpm up to the 8400-rpm rev limiter.
Switching from the legendary S54B32 inline-6 in the last M3 to this new S65B40 V-8 for the imminent E92 M3 didn’t happen (according to BMW M bosses) just because Formula One went from V-10s to V-8s for the 2006 season. Head of M engine project management Helmut Himmel tells us, “Back in 1999 when we started initial plans for the S85B50 [for the M5 and M6], we already had it in mind to eventually create an eight-cylinder version of that engine for a future M3.”

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3 Responses to “BMW M3 V-8!”

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  2. rrjexpert Says:

    That’s a great looking car. I also have not been a fan of Mr. Bangle’s designs. But I feel that the new 3-series, including both the sedan and coupe, are improvements over the previous generation BMW clutch disk. I think the front-end looks especially elegant. If I had the cash, I’d probably hold off for the M3, but the 335’s engine is definitely something to lust after!

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