1,000kg manta ray gets caught in fishing net off Labuan shores. March 30, 2007

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A group of fishermen with a manta ray, or giant manta (Manta birostris) weighing more than 1,000kg that got caught in their fishing nets in the waters off Sungai Pagar, Labuan, at about 10.30am, 29 Mar 2007.

The creature was found by Awang Japrin, 35, and four of his friends. With a distinctive “horn” (from which the common name devil ray stems) on either side of its broad head, the manta is a prized sighting by divers.

*It’s a great pity that the ray was landed. I assume that it was dead when taken out of the net? They are quite harmless and feed on plancton. *

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5 Responses to “1,000kg manta ray gets caught in fishing net off Labuan shores.”

  1. cindy Says:

    Eh, is that really a manta ray? Looks like deviruchi from RO game. LOL!

    Aww.. pity it has to end it’s life in the net.. 😦 What do you think they gonna do with it? Kena makan ke? 😦

  2. Celia Says:

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  3. SR215 Says:

    I dont know.. maybe they’ll preserve it and put in the Museum… like the whale bones.

    Or maybe they canjust organize a kenduri with that ray. 🙂

  4. maslight Says:


  5. SR215 Says:

    Hehehe.. good enough to feed my cats for 1 month. 🙂

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