Back to work April 9, 2007

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Mom went to KL couple of days ago. At the airport, I saw this one girl ( a student in Labuan university), and an uncle that trying to hit on her lining up behind me for check-in purpose.

Uncle : How’s Labuan? Nothing much to enjoy kan?
Girl : Ya, nothing to enjoy, sooo boring compared to my kampung in S******n.

For a person that cares much about my place development and hospitality to outsiders/foreigners/tourist I couldn’t care less but I just shut my mouth. But then, the girl caught by the Customs personnel for trying to smuggle approx. 5 litres of liquor.(The limit of liquor you can put in you luggage is 1 litre) Nothing to enjoy? What a bitch.

I got nothing much to do these couple of days. Holiday started from last Friday, and just today, Tuesday, I get my ass back to work. It’s a public holiday yesterday in Australia, so we took the chance to relax.

I just took pictures of them.

That mafia look…


I’m still curious about some people saying that if you took a picture of your cats, they (the cats) will go run far far away from you… Is it true? I started to think my cats like to pose for the camera.


2 Responses to “Back to work”

  1. maslight Says:


    kitties XD

    oh, yeah i heard something like dat too…that u took shots of ur kitty like u’re taking their soul..i dunno how does this apply coz i’ve been taking thousands and thousands of mumu…and he’s still around..only getting old XD

  2. SR215 Says:

    so it’s just another urban legend?

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