Labuan 10s 2007 preparation April 18, 2007

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Notes :
Things being hectic and sometimes uncontrollable, due to lack of information, and the problems that occurred in our office lately. I am wondering if I can survive after the staff retrenchment thingy, but then I believe everything will be fine.

We’re now finalizing the draft letters to send out to several government bodies to approve the tournament, private companies to gain sponsorship and to all teams that we expected to participate in this amateur International tournament.

Brunei Wanderer vs Labuan Matriculation College (2004)

Labuan 10s 2002

So, among the teams that are listed in the list, here I present to you all those who will be participating in the Labuan 10s International Rugby Tournament 2007.

International Teams

  • Royal Brunei Yatch Club
  • Penaga Crocs, Brunei
  • ISCI Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nomads Rugby Club, Philippines
  • The Pot Belly Pigs Rugby Club, Hong Kong
  • The Flying Elvis RUgby CLub, Hong Kong
  • Royal Brunei Army
  • Royal Brunei Police
  • KB Python Brunei
  • Bandar Black RFC
  • Singapore Cricket Club

Malaysian teams

  1. Sandakan Eagle
  2. Royal Selangor Club
  4. Kuching Rugby Club
  5. OSCA, KK
  6. UMNO Youth KK
  7. RMAF Labuan Base
  8. Miri Rugby CLub
  9. UiTM KK
  10. UMS KK
  11. UMS Labuan
  12. Royal Brunei Army
  13. Royal Brunei Police
  14. Kepayan Tigers
  15. Blackhawk

This is my first time being in a committee that organizing an International level of participation. And I’m looking forward to the thrill and superb game play this August!


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