Labuan Sea Sport Complex – Sailing April 25, 2007

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Yeap. as promised, the pictures of a young kid practising his sailing skill. This is also simply another mean of learning the composition and exposure on the picture (which I am terrible with). Anyway, all shots taken in Zoom mode. 12x zoom, I can snap someone naked at Pulau Papan already. 🙂

So, here you go.

Back on the shore, I noticed a couple of kids was swimming alongside the moving boat. I took their picture, and made it like this.

An Illegal dumped to the ocean – Wild imagination, eh?

All pictures taken at Labuan Sea Sport Complex.

Interested in sea sport activities? Please contact :

Labuan Tourism Action Council
P.O.Box No. 235, 87008 F.T. Labuan, Malaysia
Tel : 6087 408600 Fax : 6087 419622


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