IGFA/Rolex Deep Sea Challenge 2007 Flag-Off May 3, 2007

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I arrived at the Waterfront Hotel marina at 7.30 am. Worried if I couldnt make it on time, since it was scheduled that all contestant’s boat will leave at 8.30 am. The weather was not good and I afraid that will affect my photos and my camera. I got the lens and hood adapter installed, hoping that the lens will not be spoiled by the raindrops.

Upon my arrival, most contestants already prepared with their equipment, making their way to their boat. Some of them busy carrying their food supplies for the next 6 days.

It’s already 9 am, and they still there, relaxing on their boat, waiting for the flag off perhaps. And I was there under the hot breezy weather, taking 400 plus photos (thanks to Jeric for the immediate shipment of the 1GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo) just in case I missed something interesting.

Patrick Song greeted me sometimes around 9.30 am, introducing himself and immediately brought me to the balcony (outside the Conference Room of Waterfront Hotel) and leave me there as promised. Thanks Patrick, I got the perfect view that time. If only I have a tele conversion lens, it will be more perfect!

At 10 am, first boat started to leave the marina, followed by the other 29 boats. In 6 days, they will battle the South China Sea challenge, and come back with something to proud of on the 6th April 2007. Scaling wil be done that day, approximately around 6 pm next to the stage at Labuan Sea Sport Complex.

Thanks to Patrick Song for the invitation and good luck to all team!

For more pictures, visit my FlickR page.


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