Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007 May 7, 2007

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4 days
2,226 pictures taken
30% blown pictures (due to exessive lights)
40% blur pictures
1 lesson learnt “Keep Extra Battery”.

If you’re missing my post, my apology. I was busy taking pictures and following up all the events organized in the Labuan International Sea Challenge, where most of the activities taken places at Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Last night, 6th May 2007 marked the end of the 207 National Water Festival. During this festival, 2 new records achieved; Largest Participation in Boat Race Event(involving 50 teams from Labuan, West Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam) and The Largest Kayaking Competition (involving 134 participants in Labuan Round Island Kayak Race from different countries as mentioned above with 2 additional participants from Hungary). Both events will be recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records, as it has been qualified by the Qualified Officer from Malaysia Book Of Records.

The closing ceremony attended by the Federal Territory Minister, YB Dato’ Hj. Zulhasnan b. Rafique, and the Labuan MP, Dato Suhaili Abd Rahman. The ceremony introduced the new tagline for Labuan FT “Labuan, Pearl of Borneo, Where Business and Leisure Meet”. This was hoped to boost Labuan tourism and offshore activities in the future.

For the next week (perhaps a couple of weeks), this blog will serve as a photo blog and some coverage on the related events.

Stay tune!


2 Responses to “Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007”

  1. cindy Says:

    Love the photo of the fireworks! 😀

  2. SR215 Says:

    That”s the best I could shot…

    The others… not so good. 😦

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