LISC 2007 – Evolusi Remaja May 10, 2007

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Friday, 4th May 2007, another singing competition held during the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007. This time, the competition targeted a participation of teenager. Surprisingly, there’s no male participant at all, making this competition glittered by the girly and feminist performance.

I missed the first 2 contestants, because It was really hard looking for a carpark! Anyway, these are the the sevens participants, competing for the Champion title and the RM 1,000 cash!

Last year Evolusi Remaja champion

P/s : If you know their name, please inform me so this post can be updated and presented more accurate and reliable. Thanks.

Azrin K, a radio-jockey for Labuan FM host the competition that night. Appeared in black suit, he managed to appear elegant and in control.

Zamani, former member of pop rock band, Slam, performed 2 songs. His first song interrupted 3 times due to some glitches in technical aspect.

Winners from left : Ani Fatin Afendi (Puncah Kasih – Ziana Zain), Siti SAfiyah Supangat (Izin Dari-Nya – Siti Sarah) & Amirah Helmi (Antara Dua – Farah AF)


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