24 May 22, 2007

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I am 24 years old now, getting older, getting cranky and getting aggressive on many things, be it personal, job commitment and business commitment. I couldn’t recall what I’ve been through for the past 12 months. Traveling, committing myself to partnership, sports and many more.

My job sometimes requires me to travel to settle on some business purpose in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and mostly Brunei (where I transit or just meeting the auditors). For this, I appreciate all the efforts and chances trusted on me. I don’t think I’ll get this chance again next year. Perhaps the business reconstruction now forced me to leave the business partly and start my own business and keep concentrating on the existing ones (my partnership with Danial Adam).

Sorry guys. I got no better picture than these. 🙂

I couldn’t recall when I entered the partnership with Danial Adam, the founder of NXG Solutions, a company that provides Internet Solution to companies and individuals. The business running well, only the setback is my time on focusing and concentrating my job as Business Development and Finance Manager.

I started to like photography sometimes around November, when I started to get amazed by the pictures in photography section, Lensa Malaysia and simply from wandering the photo blogs around the net. You can find their links on the sidebar titled They Rock The Lense. Thanks to them, I’m inspired their style, and thanks to Henrytb and Alancheah of for liking my photos and the encouragement and advices they’ve poured on me.

I’ve joined Labuan Rugby Club after the club president, Zulkarnain Said, invited me to join the team. Thanks to them now I can play rugby again. 1 month is good enough to recall the rules, skills and position after quitting the game for 3 years. I would say it was very hard, even until this day I’m still suffering from muscle ache on my thigh and my knee seems like it’s not in place. Well, let’s hope it will be fine sooner. Now I am the Secretary of the club, together with other ambitious members to bring this sport as one of the main sport event in Labuan calendar.

What else I can recall? I would say my life in the last 12 months not so interesting. But I think I’ve achieved something that I couldn’t recall that much. So much for a 24 years old guy; maybe I’m getting older inside I can’t remember anything that’s so simple and not important.

Thanks to everyone whom sending me SMS, emails, testimonials, tags on my chatboard on my birthday. Your effort made me realized you guys still remember me. Thanks to my girl, Fiza for not failing to celebrate my birthday every years for the past 4 years.

Thanks everyone!


3 Responses to “24”

  1. maslight Says:

    hohohoho…no birthday cake ka dood…

    *lol at adam’s photo hahahahaha

    kijap..i’ll take my moment to laff till i’m satisfied…HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA



  2. SR215 Says:

    Nope, getting older doesn’t entitled me to enjoy my birthday anymore. 🙂

    Adam : Sorry la brader. Got no better picture than that lah.

  3. maslight Says:

    XD super funny…sorry i can’t help it XD

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