Saturday morning June 30, 2007

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It’s Saturday again. Oh, I am so going to rest for the whole day. After a couple hours of rearranging the furniture in my room, I’m so delighted that I woke up today in my ‘new’ room. Maybe you got that question mark on your head now, “why would he re-arrange furniture at night?” I know working on such thing at night is a much uncomfortable for the noise it create, being sweaty for the hard work (at least I burnt extra useless fats) and so on. But I know it will pay off the moment I wake up the next day. And YES, it was!

My loyal morning partner (after spending outside sleeping all night)

The company I’m working with decided to shut down their operation in Labuan, and there’s too many plan ahead of time at it requires most of my time to get this company manageable in few months to come. One of the sacrifices I have to burden is turning my room into an office. It was my intention to spend more time at home after coming back from Australia (next November, or perhaps next February) and getting work done from home. With few basic office facilities, I planned the location of those in my room. I only took that office furniture that small and simple to use back home. I don’t need much shit in my house for some simple Director work. All I need is my laptop and broadband connection.

Then, I think again. Actually I’m setting up this office not just for the company purpose, but for my good sake as well. With next week I’m going to Kota Kinabalu to attend course (to regain my Life Insurance license back), this office will be more useful and profitable (I hope). And I was thinking how my life would be by the time I get back to Labuan after this final trip to Australia. Am I going to be someone new, more efficient, more effective, more organized, and importantly, better in personality?

Nah, it’s Saturday. Why should I think so much when I can read magazine, watch movies and go out with friends. Have a good weekend, you all!


Labuan Sea Sport Complex June 28, 2007

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Labuan Sea Sport Complex is a place for sea sport lover. Located within the town area, it’s the most strategic location for tourist and local to learn and enjoy the facilities provided here. Other than the sport recreation facilities itself, Labuan Marine Museum built within the complex, for those who just want to learn type of fishes, and anything related to sea. If you want to experience island hopping in Labuan marine reservation park, there’s plenty of agent that can provide the kind of service to you.

Here, I attached the pictures I’ve taken last couple of weeks ago for your closer look on the sea sport complex itself.

The next time you come to Labuan, make sure you visit this place.

Note : I’ll try to steal some free time to snap pictures inside the marine museum next time.


Rugby Clinic at SK Layang – Layangan, Labuan June 25, 2007

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Note : I started to hate my job.. really!

Last Saturday, 23rd June 2007, Labuan Rugby Club cooperated with teachers from 9 primary schools in Labuan to conduct a rugby clinic for those kids. It was an apprentice program to introduce these kids to touch rugby, for Under 12 category. The program started at 7.30 in the morning, with the participation of almost a hundred students from 9 participating school in Labuan.

The program includes 4 stations; Handling, Scrum, Line out and Kicking, to introduce initial formation in touch rugby. The rules for this category doesn’t similar to adult rugby game. No tackling, challenge ball during scrum and many more. The only way to stop the opponent is to tap their body, without making full body contact. It’s the basic game to master before moving to the next level.

I conduct the scrum station. According to the rule, scrum formation resulted from knock on, fumble and forward pass. For Under 12 category, there’s no challenging from opponent during scrum, so it’s easier and safe for kids. At first, it’s not easy to conduct children to listen to your instruction. But then I came up with some ideas.

I asked the kids in my station to sit in front of me. I introduced myself, including the other 2 players, Anuar and some new guy from Sekolah Menegah Sains, Labuan. I started my speech by implementing some essence of playing rugby and teamwork.

“This is your team, no matter from what school you are. From now on, under my observation, I am your coach, you’re my players. I demand only three things from you all. Number 1, I demand your discipline. Number 2, do not talk when I’m talking. Number 3, if you have question or feeling pain, raise your hand to get my attention”

It’s not hard to ask them to be civilized and listen to your instruction. There’s a different way of using the intonation and how you put your words together to talk to children. Kids won’t get it if you raise your voice. But they will, if you create a boundary between you and them, and talk like there’s a mutual respect between both.

So I think the program was a total success, with all participants show their improvement and a promising skills and talents. After all, it’s easy to teach them, when they listen to you. Anyway, some of us were called “teacher, coach, abang, sir and some of us, PAKCIK” Lol!!! Anyway, I really hope if there’ll be another program to follow up this one. It’s a good start to develop rugby game in Labuan after all.

So, I represent you the Labuan Rugby Club members that involved in the rugby clinic. Most of them are the junior members of the club. Regardless the junior status, they showed their capabilities in leading a group. Thanks to you guys.


The Pursuit of Happyness June 22, 2007

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Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a marginally employed salesman and a single father, struggling with the mother (Thandie Newton) of his five-year-old son (Jaden Smith). When they are evicted from their apartment, Gardner finds himself alone with his son in San Francisco and no place to go. Even when Gardner lands an intern position at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, it pays no money. Forced to live in shelters, enduring many hardships as he goes through their program, Chris refuses to let this dampen his spirits as he pursues his dream of security for himself and his son.

I bought this DVD from Brunei (some lucky people read my writing-therapy post during my recent visit to Brunei which was deleted the day after) recently, and only has time to watch it just now. It was a moving story, with all the elements that essential in life; hardworking, determination and discipline. Chris Gardner (played superbly by Will Smith) was an Portable Bone Density Scanner salesman, struggling to maintain a good life with his only son, Christopher (Jaden Smith, Will Smith son) and his wife (Thandie Newton; MI:2, Chronicles of Riddick). Things are not going well with his only job as the Portable Bone Density Scanner salesman.

One day, Chris passed by a stock broker firm, when he saw everyone coming out look very happy. He asked himself if he can be happy like them.

Determined, he went to the Dean Witter Reynolds whom offers the Broker Trainee Program to get himself in the internship program. This is the point of his life where he met few peoples that will change his life. With other 19 intern, he struggled to be the best amongst all and sometimes tried to cope with some unexpected situation, mostly running in the traffic, got hit by a car and his only concern was his missing shoe, and many other things. It’s all for the sake of happiness he’s dreaming off. Determined, that is Chris Gardner.

At one point, his wife left him to work in New York, and he decided to keep Christopher with him. No matter what, Christopher will always be at his side. Personally, if I were him, I couldn’t see myself capable of handling about being homeless and you have to drag the people you love to be with you. Moving from one place to another, for failing to pay the rent led this father and son relationship moved to the level where they achieved tolerance and mutual understanding between an adult and minor. I was impressed with these two characters, one for being hard work in both his job and a family man, and the other one for being understanding and loyal.

Finally, Chris Gardner was called to the meeting room (I see it that way), where he was informed that he passed the test, and were offered to start a carrier in Dean Witter Brokerage firm. It was an end for his challenging life, and a start for better things to come.

After beginning his career at Dean Witter, Chris Gardner went on to found the investment firm Gardner Rich in 1987.

In 2006, Chris Gardner sold a minority stake in his brokerage firm in a multi-millin dollar deal.

This is a really an inspiring movie!


Tell June 2007 June 20, 2007

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This month Tell magazine featured 7 Sarawakians as the main story, and each of them has a story to be told, for their contribution to Sarawak development, culture preservation, fine arts, fashion, tourism and sport.

Standing from left: Gracie Geikie (CEO Sarawak Tourism Board), Ernersto Kalum (Tattoo Artist), Bryan Nickson Lomas (National Diver) and Datu Aloysius J. Dris (Co-Organiser of the Rainforest World Music Festival).
Sitting from left: Datuk Tom Abang Saufi (Fashion Designer), Datuk Abang Johari Tun Openg (State Minister of Housing) and Raphael Scott Ahbeng (Artist)

“Names have stories and histories that lend life, and sometimes soul, to a stretch of tarmac”

For whom the Streets are named; an article about the road sign with the name of illustrious figures, but not necessarily known by the road users. M.F Nasution take his time writing down the background and stories of the names on the road sign.

The King of Pearls

Legend has it that when the angles cry, their tears fall to the bottom of the sea and become pearls. This is the story of the empire built by Kokichi Mikimoto (pictured above), the man known as the King Of Pearls. This article covers the tradition of pearl harvesting, the story behind the set-up of Mikimoto pearl oyster park with his wife, Ume, and the long history of hardworking Kokichi Mikimoto. Must read for girls that like pearls (at least you have idea of why you bought the pearl at first placelah).

Ulams Unleashed

Ulam is no longer a kampung food. It benefits from the aspect of medication and health aspect made people realized it’s not just some past time menu, but it will be good to have ulam as daily nutrition. Coming in all shapes, sizes and smells, Michelle Gunaselan finds out more about Malaysia’s favourite ‘salad’ and its medicinal properties.

Other must read in this issue:

Entertainment: Don’t mess with Melissa
Travel: Paris in numbers
Signatures: The Solianos, Side by side & State Vs Religion
Personal: What’s Up (Later Manchester), Rocky Bru (Sex, beer and the reluctant politician), two cents worth (An Abdullah by any other name) and ramblings (Laughter is the best medicine).

So, get your copy of Tell today!


Rain at Ibri, Oman June 19, 2007

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A friend of mine, Kenneth Hall sent me this images a months ago. So when I digged my mailbox, I found this and I want to share with you all. Nasty rain, right? Just look at the cloud. Scary!

Ibri (Arabic: عبري) is a city in the region Ad Dhahirah, in northeastern Oman. It is located at about 23°14′11″N, 56°30′16″E.


The tormented soul of an ambitious boy June 18, 2007

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Are we really that rich when we drive imported cars, living in mansion, wearing designer clothes and having lunch at Starbucks?

Are we really that poor if we drive a used local production car, buying t shirt from pasar malam, living in a wooden house and work as a labor?

I’ve been thinking about that lately. My job sometimes gives satisfaction. Well, if something’s good happens, ultimate satisfaction. Sometimes it’s a miserable headache, too much to handle and too much to settle. Since the last couple of months, I hardly spent my night time at home, or with friends like I used to. I spent more time in the office, and making money.

It made me realized I’m going nowhere near wealth. Well, if you’re wondering why, I am not speaking in terms of cash and assets wealth, but my social life and my health. What’s better than spending dinner with families, watching TV with them, having teh tarik with friends, go to cinema, and all that things I can do before. My commitment took that kind of life away from me.

Sometimes I wonder if a farmer is better than me. Yeah, woke up early in the morning might be hard for me, but for them, it’s an obligation. But they have nothing to complaint; they walk their kids to school, lunch at home with family and any other thing they can do without considering job etiquette and professionalism. I had to set my alarm pretty loud so I can wake up for Subuh prayer, but get back to sleep afterwards. I envy anyone that can stay up after that and start their routine like any other day. Even my late grandpa told me, “lalat pun bangun awal cari makan”. Oh, how much I missed my late grandpa. I was there, sitting next to him when he breathes for the last time, giving me last advice so I can become someone someday.

I observed other peoples life; my friend, strangers, entrepreneurs, etc. I tried to find what will make them happy. Driving the latest BMW car would not make someone wealth, unless they paid cash for it. Some people have to work really hard to pay for their home, cars, furniture, kids school expenses, travels and the entire thing we want to enjoy. I know to pay for all those things, some have to work hard, spend over time in the office till late night, and losing valuable family times. I don’t want to see myself in the future like that, but I need a good life. Good life doesn’t come in free.

I want to drive high-end production car, I have to throw in big amount of money or paying large amount of monthly installment.

I want a security in life; I have to insure myself with life insurance, general insurance (for house) and other financial aid. It’s not free.

I want to have a good food, but I can’t cook that good, so I go to restaurant or warung instead of learning to cook so I can save time and get back to work to complete some job commitment.

I know we live in a fast pace-changing life; it’s challenging and demanding. If you can’t go with the flow, we are going nowhere but here. All of us have confidence, abilities, specialties and knowledge, but the difference is the level in each of the criteria. I might have the abilities, but lack of confidence or vice versa.

Life keep going, disregard our decision on making changes, because time don’t wait for anyone, it keep running from us we have to work hard catching up with time. And because of that, we lose valuable moments with family and friends. If things keep going like this, will there be a change in the way we keep our relationship with our families without working to hard to accommodate their needs financially?

I don’t want to be a workaholic, that’s for sure.