Manja Rasa Restaurant, Labuan June 1, 2007

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Last Wednesday we went to Manja Rasa, a floating restaurant located at the Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Operates 6 days a week, with different ranges of dining package for different days, it serves as another options for Labuan peoples and tourist to get the taste of the fresh seafood in Labuan.

A bufet cost RM 20 per person. Eat all you can, just don’t vomit in the end. Manja Rasa serves plenty of seafood on their restaurant, and some meat and chicken too.

Different lighting creates a vibrant atmosphere at Manja Rasa, giving me hard time to snap pictures with this camera. The environment freshen by the wind from the sea, giving you the sensational of tasting your food without realising how bad your hair blown by the wind.

Apology for the confusing image. It was the left over of prawn & crab.

After we finished our dinner, we went to the 3rd floor, Sailor’s Deck, that is. I think this floor serves as an observation floor or just another spot for us viewing the night scene of our Industrial zone or Labuan Sea Sport Complex.

For RM 20 per person, with good customer service, this place made us felt like home. To reserve the second floor (for dinner function, fully air-conditioned), you can call the number listed below.

Manja Rasa Restaurant




5 Responses to “Manja Rasa Restaurant, Labuan”

  1. cindy Says:

    Eh, the restaurant looks quite grand on the outside. But then, inside, kerusi plastik?? O.o

    The food looks good tho. Fresh vegetables always gives me the hawt! 😛

    About telling your mother.. hmm.. I don’t know. It’s a kind of a tough situation. But I could relate to that. My housemate’s mother slams the door real hard too, that sometimes I just feel like screaming at her to stop slamming the door. It’s so damn irritating and rude too. But then again, maybe she has hearing problem too. If not, then.. *sigh*

  2. SR215 Says:

    We’re now fine.. I think it’s my fault too. But then, maybe I should spend lesser time in front of TV with her. Hahahah

    Yeah, only kerusi plastik. They had a hard time maintaining the business. FYI< the Sailor's Deck was a lounge until there's a decrease of customers. Too bad… Anyway, the food really good. 7 – 10 pm, eat all you can. Hahha

  3. Lina Says:

    On behalf of mr pabila Karim, the owner of manja rasa.Tq for the ad 🙂

  4. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi Lina.

    Thanks for dropping by. Send my best regard to the owner K.

  5. terbintang Says:

    I am going there tonight. Let’s see whether the food can impress me or not. Hahaha. Really looking forward for this.

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