TELL May 2007 June 11, 2007

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There’s new magazine, and it’s TELL, with the small caption, News Unglossed. My first impression towards the cover of a guy sitting before the big aquarium (later known as Datuk Simon Foong, CEO of Aquaria KLCC) was skeptic, figuring what’s this magazine targeted to. I purchased the magazine, read the whole thing, and undeniably this magazine is great. This should be in my monthly doses (other than Personal Money and some other magazines).

Affordable, but believe me, I bought this magazine way more expensive than this.

Superb and stylish, the presentation of articles and the contents amazed me. I never fell for any magazines that are too serious, too narrow in purpose because I know it will bring me to dreamland 5 minutes after reading the first 3 pages. TELL made me read it till the end.

“We got one million visitors each year for our first two years of operations!”

It’s the Second Issue, with the man behind Aquaria as the main subject for the month. Datuk Simon Foon, the CEO of Aquaria KLCC told TELL how he started the business, the challenge he faced and talking about the scene behind the aquarium.

Front row (L – R) Cindy Lieu; Parent, Unit Trust Business Manager, LT. Kol. Zalina Abdullah; Senior Assistant Director of the National Service Training Department, Mastura Ishak;Parent, Business Manager & Natalia Sharihan; Former Trainee.

Round Table – I think this is the first time (in any magazine I’ve read) where few peoples placed together around the table, to discuss the topic given by the editorial team. Mustapha Mahadin plays commandant in a friendly (but not really) chat session between ex-trainies, parents and authorities. They talked about the effectiveness, pros & contras of National Service and come up with ideas to improve the program.

Eye On The World – taking readers to some peoples old days, and this month TELL presented an old photos of some rock stars known internationally, and I must be lucky to see the human face of Marilyn Manson vocalist, Brian Warner.

Look innocent, isn’t he/she?

Personal – another favourite section to read. This one page column featured writers like Wahti Mahidin on Linda Off, Subashini On, Rocky Bru on The Most Dangerous Occupation-a must read for all bloggers out there, Jit Murad on In 1983;Part 2 and Julian Mokhtar on Tripped Up by Her Dress.

That’s the highlight, as for the review of my first TELL magazine. But to be honest, all pages worth reading. You don’t need to be serious reading this magazine, it’s relaxing and surprisingly worth to read.

There’s no doubt TELL magazine will be among my mag-list-to-buy monthly!

Other must read in this issue: The Intellectual Khoos, The Business Of Death, Say Hello to Shayna Zaid, How Green is That Grass On The Other Side and many more!

*They’ve already come up with the latest issue, which I will cover this week.


One Response to “TELL May 2007”

  1. cindy Says:

    OOooo nice! I’ve never knew about it’s existence until today. Thank you! 😛

    The next time I go magazine shopping, I’ll keep an eye on this one. See what’s inside. 😀

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