Rain at Ibri, Oman June 19, 2007

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A friend of mine, Kenneth Hall sent me this images a months ago. So when I digged my mailbox, I found this and I want to share with you all. Nasty rain, right? Just look at the cloud. Scary!

Ibri (Arabic: عبري) is a city in the region Ad Dhahirah, in northeastern Oman. It is located at about 23°14′11″N, 56°30′16″E.


5 Responses to “Rain at Ibri, Oman”

  1. maslight Says:

    wahlow eh…gila punya rain

  2. SR215 Says:


  3. mai Says:

    baru2 ni di Mascot, Oman kena bencana dasat jua ku liat gambar2 dr Mascot atu. 😦

  4. SR215 Says:

    bah Mai, share2 tia di LOC. 🙂

  5. mai Says:

    adeeh, tapi bukan gambar ku punya sr, member dr porem lain hehe

    newsnya di sini:

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