Tell June 2007 June 20, 2007

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This month Tell magazine featured 7 Sarawakians as the main story, and each of them has a story to be told, for their contribution to Sarawak development, culture preservation, fine arts, fashion, tourism and sport.

Standing from left: Gracie Geikie (CEO Sarawak Tourism Board), Ernersto Kalum (Tattoo Artist), Bryan Nickson Lomas (National Diver) and Datu Aloysius J. Dris (Co-Organiser of the Rainforest World Music Festival).
Sitting from left: Datuk Tom Abang Saufi (Fashion Designer), Datuk Abang Johari Tun Openg (State Minister of Housing) and Raphael Scott Ahbeng (Artist)

“Names have stories and histories that lend life, and sometimes soul, to a stretch of tarmac”

For whom the Streets are named; an article about the road sign with the name of illustrious figures, but not necessarily known by the road users. M.F Nasution take his time writing down the background and stories of the names on the road sign.

The King of Pearls

Legend has it that when the angles cry, their tears fall to the bottom of the sea and become pearls. This is the story of the empire built by Kokichi Mikimoto (pictured above), the man known as the King Of Pearls. This article covers the tradition of pearl harvesting, the story behind the set-up of Mikimoto pearl oyster park with his wife, Ume, and the long history of hardworking Kokichi Mikimoto. Must read for girls that like pearls (at least you have idea of why you bought the pearl at first placelah).

Ulams Unleashed

Ulam is no longer a kampung food. It benefits from the aspect of medication and health aspect made people realized it’s not just some past time menu, but it will be good to have ulam as daily nutrition. Coming in all shapes, sizes and smells, Michelle Gunaselan finds out more about Malaysia’s favourite ‘salad’ and its medicinal properties.

Other must read in this issue:

Entertainment: Don’t mess with Melissa
Travel: Paris in numbers
Signatures: The Solianos, Side by side & State Vs Religion
Personal: What’s Up (Later Manchester), Rocky Bru (Sex, beer and the reluctant politician), two cents worth (An Abdullah by any other name) and ramblings (Laughter is the best medicine).

So, get your copy of Tell today!


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