Labuan – Sabah bridge? July 5, 2007

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I am all prepared for my trip to Kota Kinabalu this coming Friday. I think this will be the last time for this year, since I’ll fly to Brisbane on August, and going back to Labuan at the end of the year. I am not sure yet of my period of stay there, but if there’s necessity that I need to extend my period of stay , I will obey. I need to get things done properly so I can settle down in Labuan temporarily before looking for job opportunities or perhaps starting a new business.

After a couple of months in HARD WORK MODE, I need a vacation I guess. I’ve been sluggishly dumb and out of this world for many days last June. I think if woman have PMS, I have PMS too, but in terms of emotional lah. Weekend does not mean anything to me, because work load has set my mind to be flexible to think about work everywhere. Gosh, I was mentally raped from the trauma of dealing with paper works.

This coming Friday, I’ll drive my car to Kota Kinabalu via Menumbok. I really miss the moment driving on that road, with the panoramic view of Sabah skyline and the big truck testing their speed limit all the way from Beaufort to Kota Kinabalu. Recently I heard some rumors about the proposal on building a bridge connecting Sabah to Labuan, via Menumbok. With approximately 5 millions spent on the research alone, this said project might be an opening for economic and lifestyle development in Labuan, and perhaps, our duty free status will be stripped off permanently. For the people that don’t drink alcohol, that might not affect them much. With alcohol, cigarettes and automobiles being the main item that is tax-free, many people will face a big change in their lifestyle. Personally, I think that’s the best. Besides, why focus on such petty things when we can experience the development in our economies factor, society development and change of lifestyle? We’re talking about big scale changes here.

But then, I will miss the long drive dearly, since I really enjoy driving in such way. With the bridge in research (and perhaps will be executed), the period of driving from Labuan to mainland will be shorter, and more convenient. After all, we have to face the changes before facing the actual development.

Among other things that I concern is, will this bridge affect the flooding of PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) or illegals in Labuan. Since the access is will be very easy, it might be an opportunity for total mobility for them in Borneo. Last night Buletin Utama TV3 covers the dilemma that local people in Sabah facing with regards to these alien. With the Permanent Resident status will be considered to be given to illegal (mostly from Philippines) in Sabah, this will raise issues on securities and public awareness. I am not racist, but other than working as hard labor building a skyscraper, would there be any benefits that comparable to their crime and uncivilized lifestyle? It’s obvious the journalist that covers the segment last night in Buletin Utama TV3 voice out the problems on crime, hygiene awareness and breaking Malaysian law without concern on Malaysian sensitivity. Whoever the Minister that issued such proposal to give PR status to these illegal should reconsider such proposal.

Perhaps for initial, we should start sending these alien to West Malaysia, and let them see and experience how it’s like to have aliens among them. Besides, if PR will be given to these people easily, they should reconsider the rules and requirements to apply for Malaysia My Second Home. For expatriates to live in Malaysia, they are required to purchase an assets valued at certain amount; which I am not sure about the figure, but it’s more than these aliens annual income. That’s only one of the requirements.

It’s undeniable that these aliens will do the work that most Malaysian refused to do. Does anyone really interested in lifting bundle of bricks, work under burning sun, get your hands dirty and receive small salary? I used to work in construction after SPM, and I know how hard it used to be. That is what reminds me to look on where I stand before raising my hand touching the sky. But, do them feel the same?

We’re all the same, but not all of us can be the same.


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