The long drive July 7, 2007

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So we left home at 7, hoping that it won’t be a big mess if somehow we stuck in traffic jam. Well, this small island does have its own peak time as well, despite the population and, well, small scale island. We arrived 20 minutes before departure time, giving me extra time to pay for landing fee (RM 14.00), take boarding pass and buy passenger ticket (RM 5.00) for my dad. Hold on, did I mention my dad come along with me to KK? Yes, and it was the first time we sit together in the car for the longest time in my life. I have to admit my communication skill with my dad improved, making the gap closer than before.

Even the departure time scheduled at 7.30, we left the jetty at 8.00 am, not sharp, but barely there. I took some pictures from the upper deck to add into my collection. Not impressive, but I think for someone that’s into photography, taking pictures are fun!

Approximately 1 and a half hour later, we arrived at Menumbok jetty, taking time to get out of the ferry. With big trucks side by side my car, I was extra careful driving the car. There was a long line of cars and Lorries waiting for their turn to get into the ferry and head to Labuan. I guess it must be a public holiday, but I don’t think it was. We started our long journey with nothing but left my favorite CD playing the acoustic concert of Foo Fighters. Sometimes one of us initiate the conversation, mostly me but it doesn’t end for long. Perhaps my dad a bit petrified seeing my driving skills. I was not that fast, but then it’s 2,000 cc car, why should I go 100km/h when I can clock to 160km/h? I know it used to be fun driving for long hours, but with my dad sitting beside me, I need to show some respect. Or else I might blow my eardrums with my collection of metal songs. Or perhaps both of us trying to be introvert and extrovert at the same time but we manage to keep it there, motionless. Anyway, It’s fun to drive with you dad, seeing you relaxing on my leather seat and talking to me like I am your age. I think it’s more fun when I saw you closed your eyes when I take over the damn slow Kancil while we realized the V10 truck speeding on the other side of the lane. I am looking forward to do that again.
We reached Kota Kinabalu at 12.30 at noon, and headed straight to Asia City looking for accommodation that is near to our office, MCIS Zurich Insurance. We managed to find one, Asia City Hotel that cost for RM 90.00 per night with twin bed and a TV that won’t be utilized that much. I think its ok since we’re only staying for one night. Besides, GSC and Cathay just a few steps away and I am eagerly waiting for Transformers tonight!

I’m still arranging my schedule so I can take beautiful pictures around KK and show it to the world in my blog. And I’m looking forward to watch the Sabah Rugby Union Resident Cup that will be held starting next Tuesday at UiTM field.

Anyway, my beloved cat, Jaja, passed away this afternoon, due to sickness. We (me and Fiza) adopted this cat when we first met Jaja at Labuan Sea Sport Complex. Seeing Jaja growing up in my custody, I felt deeply sad and sorry for not making your life longer that you deserve. With Belang the only cat that still alive and kicking, I will miss you dearly Jaja, for your playful and energetic attitude. We will always love you.


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  1. cindy Says:

    Aww.. condolence to you, Saiful. 😦 I know how it feels when a pet (which you consider a family) dies… But hey, at least you still have Belang. 🙂

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