Tell July Issue 2007 July 30, 2007

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NOTE: Thanks to TELL Editor, Sh. Sakinah Aljunid and TELL Writer, Michelle Gunaselan for spending some times sending complimentary emails appreciating my review on their past issues in my blog.

I know I am late, perhaps my hectic and pathetic time management kept me away from creating new material for this blog. I’d spend more than normal working hours in the office, due to packing up office equipments to be sent to Australia (where I’ll spent the next 7 to 8 months – alone) and closing up the operation in Labuan. I’ll be jobless by the time I come back to Malaysia, but then I know if there’s a will, there’ll always a way!

This month TELL magazine featured photographer, Omar Ariffin (Omar Ariff Kamarul Ariffin) with his masterpiece creation Pusaka Bumi: Malaysia’s Legacy Of Nature; an album consists of superb photos of wildlifes all across Malaysia. In fact, I’ve read about Omar Ariffin in Click! Issue 21, which then sparked the enthusiasm in me to try taking animal pictures.

Omar Ariffin, together with his assistant, Zul and his daughter, Melissa crossing Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak taking arresting pictures of nature and wildlife. He’s not just a photographer in technical, but also a nature lover with a conscience of the importance on keeping our nature preserved. He believes modernization can be enjoyed by everyone without sacrificing the gifts of God. His album published and sponsored by Yayasan Seni Berdaftar (YSB). I would like to have a copy of Pusaka Bumi: Malaysia’s Legacy of Nature, for the sake of amazing pictures and to appreciate Omar’s effort on boosting public consciousness on keeping the nature there, untouched and preserved disregard the development and modernization we’re facing now.

From left: Zanariah Zainal [Company Executive Director], Mehrzad Yasmin Malik [Lecturer, Singer], Izham Ibrahim [Marketing Executive] & Soosan Hoh [Artistic Director, Actress & Writer]

This month, Mustapha Mahidin brought four peoples to the round table, debating on the choices of moviegoers, simply to discuss on why Malaysian films pale in comparison to Hollywood blockbusters (or do they really?). Participants voicing their opinions (majority of them) on how boring and less attractive Malaysian movie are, compared to Hollywood movies; which I agreed! But then, with the appearance of Yasmin Ahmad, Afdlin Shauki and another guy – for the film Cinta (Im so sorry, I forgot his name), there’s a promise and hope in our film industry. I know, because I watch their movies more than any cheap cliché lovey dovey movies! (If I ever watch the latter, which I never bother to watch it anyway)

A Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, featured the joy and beauty of shopping in the historical city of Istanbul. Perhaps the pictures taken from the magazine could salivate all you bargain lover to be there!

I’m moved by Personal section of this month TELL issue! Wahti Mahidin with her article; No Joy For Lina, Rocky Bru for his Side-Kicking Corruption, Toni Kassim on her A Matter Of Gender and Vernon Emaung with his superb article; Wilting Without Grace. It took me 3 to 4 times reading his article with curiosity and full interest to appreciate the superb literature and ideas.

Other must read articles!

FEATURES: King for the new age, The Halal story, In Search Of Nature, People Of The Forest & Darling Dayang Nurfaizah.

SIGNATURES: Keluarga Klinik Rosman, David & Loganathan Arumugam, Mahadi : The Voice Of Jalud, Going, Going, Gone! & Little Olympians.

LIFESTYLE: Print season. Fruits for the skin, Tunku Halim, Joanna Bessey, Mark Inglis, Cheryl Samad, Miri International Jazz Festival, BMW 325i, Dim Sum at Sunway Resort Hotel and more!

Grab your TELL magazine today (if there’s any left) J.


5 Responses to “Tell July Issue 2007”

  1. cindy Says:

    I’m interested to read about that article No Joy for Lina! I guess I’ll head to the store later and see if there’s still TELL magazine left. 😀

  2. SR215 Says:

    Good for you. I hope they still have this month issue available.. like this review already late! 🙂

    Check out Omar Ariffin work as well. He snapped superb photos.

  3. mutalib saifuddin Says:


    as a student i believe that TELL expands my general knowledge. What’s more, the Mrs Publisher is an already established writer (former NST)-Wahti Mahidin. Not to forget Sh Sakinah, Rocky and some others. Michelle Gunaselan wrote for The Edge, M’sia Tatler before, and also herself a blogger.

    the issue, especially on the omar ariffin and halal thing, is superb. NOT bias, and well written too (sometimes i would refer some ‘bombastic’ words to the dictionary).

  4. SR215 Says:

    Hi Mutalib

    Thanks for dropping by. And yes, we share the same excitement and positive view on this magazine. 🙂

  5. Ten years later I find out someone said nice things about a piece I wrote. Ribuan. BTW my name is Vernon Adrian Emuang. Would love if you could correct that little mistake. Branding … hope you can understand. Thanks so very much. Peace to you.

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