Lok Kawi Wildlife Park July 31, 2007

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I have two days to update my blogs, with set of pictures and of course, to finish my story on my trip to KK. Although there’s not much to tell, but I am sure my readers are now pretty bored of the same post for many days on the front page. Now here I am, taking advantages of 3 days off to update all my blogs!

Back to my trip to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, I took many pictures of the animals there. I’m sorry, I intentionally refused to stop by at the aviary, because Im tired of watching the same bird that we also have in Labuan Bird Park. But the other animals were awesome!

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is about 25 KM (South West) of the capital Kota Kinabalu. It is easily accessible by either the Old Penampang – Papar Road via Donggongon town or the Putatan – Papar road.

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is run by Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Toursim, Culture and Environment. The park covers about 280 acres of land include the Botanical Site managed by Sabah Forestry Department.

At the moment, the Park has more than 100 species of mammals including birds, which are kept in captivity. On the Botanical side, there is a trail which leads t the Herbal and Ginger Garden. You may even catch a glimpse of the ever famous Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes sp.). Some introduced dipterocarp trees can also be found in this area.

Coming attractions are (now in progress) the 1.4 km forest walk, the canopy walk, mountain biking track and the observation pavilion. Have fun but remember to abide and respect the rules and regulations of the Park.

Inspired by Omar Ariffin work on Pusaka Bumi : The Legacy Of Nature, I tried all my best applying all the knowledge and my camera ability on taking pictures. Of course the result are far from Omar Ariff work, but then I know there’ll always a room for improvement!

Overall, my trip to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park was very syok! Despite the hot weather and my ultimate frustration on the camera battery life span, I enjoyed my walk in the park and the experiences.

Here are some information.

Open daily : 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Entrance fees:

  1. Visitors 18 years old and above (Malaysian citizen RM 10.00) & (Non Malaysian citizen RM 20.00)
  2. Visitors below 18 years old (Malaysian citizen RM 5.00) & (Non Malaysian citizen RM 10.00)
  3. Free admission to Senior citizens (60 years old and above) and Handicapped Malaysian citizen only and school childrens (below 17 years old).

LOK KAWI WILDLIFE PARK Jalan Penampang – Papar Lama, W.D.T. No. 63, 89507 Penampang. Tel: 087-765793 Fax: 088-765762

JABATAN HIDUPAN LIAR SABAH (SABAH WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT) Block B, Tingkat 5, Wisma MUIS, Kota Kinabalu Tel: 088-215353 Fax: 088-222476


6 Responses to “Lok Kawi Wildlife Park”

  1. cindy Says:

    What on earth is that elephant doing?! LOL!! Looks so comfy, like resting gitu! xD

  2. SR215 Says:

    no… rubbing his back. Hahahahah

  3. maslight Says:

    awesome shots saiful

    eh the elephant scratching ka? XD

    the shot after the elephant is really cute XD i likey!

  4. SR215 Says:

    Thanks for the compliment again! I’ll upload the other photos in my other photo blog soon.

    Yea, the elephant scratching his big ass on the tree… so pity lah the tree! :))

  5. izali Says:

    wow..all photos are gorgeous. well done…:)

  6. SR215 Says:

    Thanks Izali! 🙂


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