Greetings again… August 17, 2007

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Hello from Dalby, a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, and is located approximately 210 kilometres west of the state capital, Brisbane at the junction of the Warrego, Moonie and Bunya Highways.

Looking back from the day I stepped my foot on the Brisbane Airport, it’s only 3 days past my journals, and yet I felt it was a long period – an obvious sign of homesick. My former boss picked me up at the airport, and gave me that Aussie greetings, “How are you , mate?” Is it just Aussie or I think I heard my English friend called me mate as well? Ah, bummer me for forgetting such things. 🙂

I’m glad the 7 hours flight ended up pretty simple and yet, welcoming. Although the Customs and Immigration Officers stopped me for checking my luggage, it doesn’t stay that way for more than 2 minutes. I bet it must because of the dozens of tourists that don’t speak English in front of me; and yet, their group leader was missing. Perhaps he’s attending the call of nature, or simply lining up at the transit passengers lane. That would make all the officers getting their dizzy and patience blown! Bummer! 🙂

Staying a couple of days at Morningside, I planned my days ahead of me, hoping it will be something sweet and meaningful, yet unforgetful, for this might be my last paid trip to Australia. I have no intention to come again as someone that have to attend a business meeting at Sydney, meeting clients at Brisbane, and setting up offices anywhere… Perhaps I will come again as tourist, but then I will have to wait for the stripping of LAGs (Liquid And Gas) restriction. I left my perfume at home, Rexona spray at Bandar Seri Begawan airport, and the rest at the Brunei hotel, simply for the reason of obeying the LAGs rule!

First few things I’ve realised about my disadvantages here in Australia are,

  1. My phone credits exhausted to the limit I can’t apply for Advance Credit so I can ask my mom or dad to top up my credit! Sending SMS to Malaysia via Telstra/Vodafone AU cost me RM 2.00, Call home for RM 1.50 per minute and sending MMS RM 1.50 per each. I wonder why sending MMS cheaper than sending MMS?
  2. I’ve got a couple of hundreds of Aussie when I watched the news just now that AUD and USD currencies are currently facing their hard time with an average of 5 cents drop in value each day. I’m wondering if the value of my money would still be like I’ve desired when Im bringing my AUDs back to Malaysia this coming Raya?
  3. I forgot to bring thick clothes and the jacket I’ve bought from New Zealand last time. Now I am a Malaysian wearing shirt, short pant and slippers (or they called it thong here) roaming around town disregard how cold the temperature is!
That’s just it for today. I don’t know what I will face for the next months to come. I know I’m not very good at handling emergency things, but at least I know how to get things done even though it’s gonna take a couple of days to light one single bulb! 🙂

budak sakai dari Labuan

Today schedule are not pretty bad. Having a look at couple of hangars, looking at gliders and ultra light drifter. These things will be marketed to South East Asia market, but the marketing team yet to be assembled, thus it will now be in Silent mode – vibrates when order come in, yet no sound to surround environment. 🙂 There’s a 10 seaters plane are now on sale. It’s called Navajo and I can’t remember how specific the cost is, but I would say it is approximately 500 million RINGGIT MALAYSIA! If I’m a millionaire, I would buy this one at start a charter service from Labuan to KK so those who complained about the lack of Labuan – Kota Kinabalu route will smile ears to ears. But, that’s IF only I’m a millionaire…

It’s now 11.02 pm in Dalby, (2 hours ahead of Malaysia) (I was informed there’s like 3 different time zones in Australia) and I’m going to sleep now. Do you know how heaven it is to sleep in 17 degree Celsius in a boxer and thick comforter alone? Phew… 🙂

As a matter of fact, I am lonely and somehow I miss her so much!


One Response to “Greetings again…”

  1. cindy Says:

    Aww.. is that you? The sakai? LOL

    Sorry to hear about losing your Rexona spray, mate. Hahaha. Beli baru lagilah. At least it wasn’t some very expensive perfume that you left behind, else you might cry. 😛 (at least I know I will!)

    It looks beautiful in there (judging from the 1st photo). Take more photos lah, I wanna see. *wink*

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