Where I am now.. August 19, 2007

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Notes : Pictures from the recent EC Trust Co 6th Labuan 10s Rugby Carnival 2007 have been uploaded to to our Labuan Rugby Club blog. You can check all pictures of the best teams in Sabah, Brunei and West Malaysia as well. Among the teams are OSCA (Old Sabah Collegian Association), UiTM Kota Kinabalu, BlackHawk, Subang Air Base and Labuan teams as well. I didn’t played that day, because I haven’t attend the daily training for 1 week, which can lead to serious injury if I’m playing like an asshole. Anyway, enjoy the pictures there!

It’s raining all day here in Dalby, making it colder than usual. Perhaps thats the reason my camera getting slower than it was in Malaysia. Yet I felt this time I manage to get that country feeling in my pictures. I don’t know, but I think I do.

What do you think of these pictures? Comments and critics are welcome!

The old ATV that still useable. I used to drive one of these last time. Im looking forward to go for a ride on it again.. but with this shitty weather, I’ll just do that in my dream…

The propeller of one CESSNA plane they have in the hangar. I looked from many different angels to get this picture. Anyway, the engine of this plane produces approximately 1,200 hp.

If it’s HEADS UP AND LIVE, this will be the only thing that help me to put myself together to be patient till the day I will be going back to Malaysia. This trip unlike the previous, because I put myself in hesitation and leave everyone with question mark on their forehead. I need to go back and fix it!

When I took this picture, I was having this wild imagination of this antenna as a teleport machine. God, you hear me. I want to go back.

Tanks that used as a storage for grains from the farm.

Im still sobing for how much I miss Malaysia dearly…


2 Responses to “Where I am now..”

  1. cindy Says:

    Is that your temporary house?

    OK, if that is.. then you must be terribly bored. 😛

    Thank goodness for Internet. 😀

  2. SR215 Says:

    That’s not the house Im staying in. That are the buildings around the place Im staying. Well, u’ve seen the house in the post where I posed with the car and the house. 🙂

    Oh yeah, it is really boring here.

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