I’ve waited for this day! August 27, 2007

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Note : 25th August 2007 marked 1 year milestone of my daily read (among other blogs as well), Julian Sabah. He’s one funny guy, and his posts never stop to entertain a loyal reader like me. I met him for first time during some X-Games exhibition at Warisan Square last December. Happy Birthday Julian!

Not meant to be jiwang, but hey, finally we got nice weather here. After a week of struggling to death (kiddin) fighting 0 degree celsius temperature, and a strong wind to add salt to injury, I am now relief. Finally…

On the other news, work getting more shitty than ever. I’m tempted to re-schedule my flight to go back to Labuan as soon as possible. I admit there’s more better things to do in Labuan than here. But I did said I fucked up the moment I step the plane to Brisbane. Oh God, another mistake in my life, and it’s expensive! I guess I will just stay strong for another month. Honestly, It’s not like what I’ve thought of. Seriously, I’m fucked! I spent Saturday and Sunday watching YouTube, instead of going to town and meet friends, or just lay on the couch and watch tv all day, like what I always did in Labuan. It’s God merciful that he gave me this Internet here, other than 3 tv channels that shows boring stuffs. I wonder how they cope with things like this here. I guess that maybe the reason it is boring to be them. Supremacy, heads up brain down. I bloghopped a lot, just to kill time. But I admit those bloggers I’ve visited got cool and nice blogs, which I envy much, because I don’t have the talent to do so. I admire their literature, simply amazing and … amazing! Some of them designed their blog layout really cool that I’m dying to get one for this blog (and my other blogs). I will wait for Adam to do that, when I reach Labuan… which is… I don’t know when. The blog scene in Malaysia grows in massive, it is now made available by 11 year old girl. I guess everyone should bow down to the power of blogging, despite the urge of blogging rules set by the Malaysian Government itself. I believe that’s another sense of common that people will do to make them know what they’re doing, when they’re not.

Weather’s getting better now. I had my chance to fly on a two seater plane yesterday afternoon, which later I pilot the aircraft myself. It’s really easy when it’s on air, but it’s not when it comes to landing and take off. There’s one time I fly 300 metres above the ground, and trying to do the manuveur that kinda simple, but the air pocket got me. And one time, we land without the engine turned on. Are we crazy or what? But then, it’s an ultra light aircraft, it was designed to glide when the engine dead. Thanks Mr Rob, you teached me how to ride a bike in the sky! 🙂 Here’s the video I made from my visit last year. Enjoy!

*The song in the clip above was sang by Australian Idol (First Season I guess), Shannon Noll. The title of the song is Shine.


6 Responses to “I’ve waited for this day!”

  1. zaizen goro Says:

    Heya sr,

    Zaizen here(ah u exactly know i the bring controversy on loc) 😛

    Just found ur blog..bagus!.nah, now i see u addict on blogging..or..blogging for money..hehe..i got a few closed friend of mine being a blogger full time and part time. those are maybe advanced..
    1) (this guy from penang)
    2) (also from penang..usm)..yg ni full malay..u cann see all their gathering on rumpun 07 on adverlerts ads..look at around ur blog. (i’m not pay to intro them..haha,,just to give sample that u can learn from their blog and how they attract the visitor..but, hongkiat is the best one)..

    my big bro – (bloggers malay that earn 30-50k on blog)

    basic to start making moeny on blogging..u must find – ur NICHE first ..yes, niche..people love that..try googling to know more about niche :)..e.x,..u are pro on aero industry..write about it..put some ads..(dont worry about was auto by robot on gogle). once u stick on ur!:)..i give u some example one of the niche blog – – car

    Me, where is my blog? start blogging 2 years ago and i take a break now..because that is not the only way to gaid paid online..i focus my job on graphics design services..also on my own product.hoho..i can do blog design too :P).

    Sr, nampak ko sedih je ddk oversea..damn..i’m jealous with u..x seme org blh ddk lama dkt ada 2 org kwn designer dr victoria sorang dan sorang lagi tu dh lupa..jauh x tempat tu dgn ko?, btw, wut ur job eh..oil industry?..

  2. SR215 Says:

    ish.. panjang gila komen kau ni.. nanti la aku balas ah. Hahahha

  3. zaizen goro Says:

    in the mood of writing bro!..ahhaha..thats many way to make money online..jgn tertipu dgn scam sudah :P.

    one great article –

  4. cindy Says:

    K, I’ll make the comment very short today.

    Labuan will always miss you. 😀

  5. maslight Says:

    love the 1st shot XD hey btw, there’s owez better days saiful XD

  6. SR215 Says:

    Thanks Massy. 🙂

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