Home and safe September 30, 2007

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Hello everyone, how are you?

I am home now, in Labuan. Perhaps you’d noticed that I haven’t online for a couple of days. I have no Internet connection at home, but will get one after Raya (If there’s any balance from Raya expenses – hopefully) in Sandakan, with my dearest grandmother and the rest of the cute and beautiful hot chicks cousins. Haven’t see them for ages; since the last 9 years – only during my recent visit to grandma’s, I met all of them. This year, the whole family will fly to Sandakan, to spend a week there with our long lost cousin.

In other news, I’ve resigned from the company I worked with. Meaning, there’s no thick paperwork, no stress, no flying again (no Papajoneh, Im not a pilot – just trainee) and no more things that failed to get me to sleep every night and then. I guess this is the freedom I’ve chosed, to free myself from a hectic job. I do love my job, but I do need to get a life. I can’t say I’m totally unemployed now. I’ve promised Adam I will give my total focus to NXG Solutions this time, without priority on other job – oh, wait – I need to get my insurance business works too. Let time decides. After all, there’s no 8 am – 8 pm job anymore.

I haven’t go to Bazaar Ramadhan yet! But I supposed the scene will be the same like many years before – over crowded during the first 2 weeks, slightly crowded during the 3rd week, and a ghost town during the 4th week. I’ll take some time to go to Bazar, only to find it’s overpriced – especially in town area. That means I’m extending my Bazaar Ramadhan trip to the entire island – after all it won’t take more than 2 hours to complete a round trip on this island.

I’m RED! Yeah, I’ve painted the room red, with the white on ceiling as to create the effect of big & high room . I planned to get a reading lamp to complete my reading area now. The only thing I lack of is yellow bulb. I want to create a relax, but not gloomy to my bed room. It’s a bedroom. so I need to make it comfortable to sleep. It’s a bedroom after all – I don’t know if you sleep in any places other than bedroom. Will post the picture of my bedroom soon – just to show you girls out there that men do have a taste in interior design. *yeah!!*

Well, things are going smooth – for now. I hope my Ramadhan will be better than last year. With few plans roaming inside my head now, I guess I will burn more cash and get things done as soon as possible. I wont mix my personal matter with job. So, I guess I will get my room done, personal things settled and fixed, and get to the point where I have nothing to worry about before initiate to step on the business world again.

To all my friends, I miss you all – and sorry for not dropping by to bomb you guys with my comments. 🙂


Palm Garden Hotel, Kiulap, Brunei Darussalam. September 27, 2007

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Note : I have to work hard on my new blogs about Labuan, it is the Labuan Bird Park, My Labuan Island (not too new – but fair) and Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007 Photo Gallery. I guess we don’t have much information about Labuan in Internet – just another community services brought to you by me.

After a tiring 7 hours flying with Royal Brunei from Brisbane to Bandar Seri Begawan, the staff at Bandar Seri Begawan airport was not really helpful. They closed the usual walkway where passengers can go to the arrival hall less than 2 minutes. Instead, they made us walk around the arrival hall until one time I got cranky because no one there really helpful – at all!

I stayed for a night in Brunei before taking a ferry back to Labuan. After Traders Inn (somewhere I stranded without extra cash, cloth and credit in my phone), Mr Lim (my regular taxi driver in Brunei) brought me to Palm Garden Hotel. It was launched approximately a month ago, just a day before I leave for Australia. Palm Garden Hotel located in Kiulap, in Gadong district perhaps.

I spent BND 60 per night (approximately RM 138/ USD 41) for a room with large bed, a TV, coffee maker and of course, a free WiFi connection.

Next to this hotel building is Fitness Zone, perhaps the biggest gym for Bruneians to work out. I noticed they open till late at night. With large building with massive facilities, and a swimming pool and a stylish cafe for hangout, or just sipping your latte, it’s the attraction of the health conscious Bruneians.

If you’re looking for an entertainment spot or going to cinema, Q Lap Mall is just a 2 minutes walk from Palm Garden Hotel. Don’t tell me if Q Lap sounds cute. I giggled looking at that.

I give Palm Garden Hotel 4 star rating – because they dont have a flat screen TV like in Meridien Hotel.


Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 3 September 25, 2007

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This is the final part of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug. So I guess my blog will be filled in with green-ish images for the next couple of days. 🙂 Anyway, enjoy my last set of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug!

I sat on this cockpit, with the simplest board of metres, switches and one joystick. Please note, the red button on the stick was not meant to drop a bomb, or initiate fire from the plane. Don’t ask me either, I know nothing bout it functions. Anyway, this is an ultra light aircraft, not a warbird. 🙂

Don’t you love the beautiful country panorama?

Flock of birds terrified by our sudden appearance on their territory. *Note that we’re flying very low at this stage… very low….

I hope someone can imagine this as a sign from something out there. Well, not close enough to crop circle, but yeah, I guess a believer will see this as a message. Lol! *just joking ba Cin.

If you note the white spots down there, it is actually a sheep. We can’t go low enough to snap images.

Very low…

What if you have to live in a place where no one can’t hear you scream at night?

I’m going back to Brunei tomorrow, 26th September 2007. From there, I might not be online (perhaps I can get a hotel with WiFi in Brunei) for couple of days until I get back to Labuan. But I will get back online as soon as possible, so you guys wont get boring to see all the green things in my blog.
All images taken with courtesy of Mr Rob of Darling Downs Aviation Pty. Ltd, Eden Kupunn, Dalby. This blogger taken (and fascinated) to rip the sky with Drifter, an ultra light aircraft made for recreational purpose.


Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 2 September 24, 2007

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We got to the sky in less than 5 minutes. Mr Rob is really good in what he’s doing. It took me less than a second to decide to take out my camera, and started shooting. Here you go, the continuation of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug – Part 1

It’s green everywhere!

This is the place where they keep the grain, wheat, and any other kind of crops.

I like the reflection on the pond – as bluey as the sky.

I guess this is the end of the flight.

No, it isn’t there’s still one last part. Stay tune for the final part of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug tomorrow!


Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 1 September 23, 2007

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Note : Another thing I want to do here is have a spin on the Jaguar XJS V12 – one of the 4 limited edition imported to Australia. Please Mr Rob, give me that superb experience!

Today is my last day in Darling Downs Aviation, Dalby. For the last 30 days (or more) I’ve been staying in this country side, dealing with business matters, and perhaps learning a new things in life. I’ve been staying with a wonderful family, each of them with their own great personalities, welcoming me to their property.

The only thing I would like to do for my last day here is another flying session with Drifter; an ultra light aircraft designed and manufactured by Darling Downs Aviation. I’ve been in love with the experience and the structure of Drifter, despites its simplicity in design and the loud engine at the back. But hey, who cares right?

Give that blue sky my last big hug!

For this last flight, I got my trusty camera with me (in the near future, I will kiss you goodbye, dear H5). It’s kinda funny I put on the strap to this camera. I never put it on, because I don’t like thing hanging on my neck. But I have to admit defeat to the fact that loose things can make your flying experience unforgettable! If you don’t know what I mean, perhaps I should recall the joke Mr Rob told me the other day.

Mr Rob : Saiful, do you know what’s the actual function of this propeller?
Me : (Me being obedience, and not in mood to answer) Uh-hum… No.
Mr Rob : Well, this is an air conditioner for the pilot.
Me : Eh, really???
Mr Rob : Yeah, when the propeller stop working, the pilot will sweat a lot!!

And the Drifter propeller is at the back. So if my camera got snapped by the heavy wind and shoot it to the propeller, that’s the end of life, baby!

You should know how adorable the sky in the west side of this country

Unfortunately, I have to share the pics with you, my dearest readers, tomorrow. It’s now 2 a.m in the morning (we’re 2 hours ahead of Malaysia) and I need to wake up early tomorrow for a 3 hours trip back to Brisbane. So, stay tune for tomorrow update.

I gave cam-whore a new style – shoot your handsome and manly shadow! Lol!

In case you’re wondering, this is the Drifter – and Mr Rob at the back. This was taken last year.


Scuba Diving in Labuan

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Labuan is another destination for you to consider when you think about Scuba Diving. The small islands around Labuan are Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Daat, Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan Kecil, Pulau Papan and Pulau Burung.

With the infamous Four Wrecks of Labuan, it is another solid reason to spend your time scuba diving in Labuan. The Four Wrecks includes the The Blue Water Wreck (lies northeast Kuraman Island), The Cement Wreck ( lies east Kuraman Island), The Australian Wreck ( lies south west Rusukan Besar Island) and The American Wreck (lies south east Rusukan Kecil Island). has all the information you needed about scuba diving in Labuan, and all other scuba diving spot internationally. Another advantages of is you can discuss their travel plans with other divers and use their buddyfinder service to find a dive partner.


Eneloop : The battery for the 21st century September 21, 2007

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HenryTB from forum is another sifu that never failed to answer all my queries when it comes to photography. He’s one wise and good uncle guy, and he helped me a lot. In one of our conversation, he told me there’s a new battery, good for electronic device that uses a lot of power.

I’ve been in search for that battery ever since, and too bad, there’s no camera shop (that I’ve visited) sell that kind of batteries.

But today, a short visit to Dick Smith Electronics (a premier electronic mall in Australia, and New Zealand), and a slight glance to the cute girl at the counter reminds me of uncle Henry, and the image of the battery he showed to me. I stopped, and immediately bought the item, without hesitance.

It’s the Sanyo Eneloop battery, a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery, the next evolutionary step for batteries into the 21st century. It costs me AUD 30 for this pack, 4 AA size batteries, with the charger included. Among the advantages of using Eneloop battery are :

  1. immediate use (you can use it straight away from the pack – already charged from the factory)
  2. low self-disharge (Once charges, eneloop keeps its charge even if you store it for 6 or 12 months. ( 90 per cent of the charge after 6 months, 85 per cent after 12 months )
  3. environment protection (It can be charged up to 1000 times – so it can save 999 disposable batteries from polluting the planet!)
  4. universal application (you can use it on mostly electronic items)
  5. higher performance
  6. recyclable package

I am really fortunate to found this battery. I really hope it can perform up to its par or as good as those reviews I’ve read.

I will try this battery tomorrow, when I will fly with an ultra light aircraft, and take photos from the sky.