Do you read? September 2, 2007

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Note : Our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir will undergo a bypass surgery tomorrow, Tuesday 4th September 2007. Let’s pray for his safety shall we? His heart is obviously with the wellbeing of Malaysia though he remained consistent in criticizing the Abdullah Administration for all cited reasons. Read here and here.
Excuse me for the sexy pose. Sometimes when I read, I tend to let my body loose and get that kind of pose.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. It’s pretty obvious that I do have free times here. Despite the shitty workload and hectic schedule, I managed to get hold of any books that I can see. Hold me here for another 5 months, I will come back to Malaysia as a genius!

It’s not that I never read a book before. I have my own collection of books that no one will believe. I mean, people that knows me well wont expect that I will buy such serious books and spend time reading it. I might be funny on the outside, added with some well-you-know attitude that would give funny expression to all my-mother-in-law-to-be out there. Back in Labuan, I have one rack alone full of books that mostly a 300 pages each, which I’ve read since I can afford to buy such book. I’ve set aside RM 100.00 per month just for books and magazine alone, but sometimes spent more than that. Well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s my hobby, and it will always be like that.

Interesting book – mostly about physchology and behaviour understanding

I remember I’ve said something like I will post a reviews on books I’ve read here. Please accept my apology, since I’m still in the process of completing the reading. Plus, I am far away from home now, guess it will be on perhaps sometimes next year (?). Let’s hope it will be real, for I believe it will be great benefit for most of us. But I did some review on magazine, such as T E L L (big thanks for the Editor and one 0f their journalist whom sent me a compliments email for my review on TELL magazine). In this situation, I don’t think I am their tool of marketing, but I believe I share what I think best for me and for everyone. Anyway, everyone will be overwhelmed by such compliments, especially when you work hard to get the review done and uploaded to your blog just in one day – talking bout strict schedule here, baby.

All their pictures and stories are awesome. We don’t have such books sold massively in Labuan – pity us for the lack of boosting-intelligence material.

Do you read? I mean, would you spend some part of your day reading? For some, it might be boring and time consuming, especially those books with thick pages and mind twisted contents. I used to be one, and I know it’s really fun when you decided you’ll leave the comfort zone of doing simple things and enjoy every single minute of your life. For some, reading is fun and enjoyable – depends on your interest and the type of book you read. Sometimes it wont work if the book is not their cup of tea. It happened to me, and I know the best thing to fight the laziness of exploring new idea is to give it a try, bit by bit. It might be boring for a start, but put more focus on it, and you’ll enjoy the rest. So, would you read a book today? Let’s make it a habit shall we?

Just one more thing please.

Always, remember, do not read to impress, like this guy over here.


7 Responses to “Do you read?”

  1. cindy Says:

    For some reason, I’ve been reading TIME and Reader’s Digest magazine for as long as I can remember. 🙂 My daddy plays a big part in introducing me those mags. 😀

  2. SR215 Says:

    That’s a good example of a dad, cindy. I guess you must be lucky to have one. 🙂

  3. Says:

    Huhu i really don’t like readings actually..but since i started blogging..lots of book i read huhu funny..but i learned alot..from the books 🙂

  4. Corinne Says:

    i like to read mainly novels or books of my interest. Those that i dunt like i wont read it no matter how good the book is suppose to be or how it can help me etc etc….my eyes will close after 2 lines 🙂

    btw r u reading beside a heater ??

  5. SR215 Says:

    Yes Corinne. It’s cold at night here 😉 so I guess I need a comfy climate to keep me enjoying my reading. 🙂

  6. Ratu Syura Says:

    I love reading.. I’ll read anything actually, especially when I’m bored. Currently I’m reading a book called, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin S. Sharma. So far so good. Readers Digest is a monthly must! 😀

  7. Jewelle Says:

    I love reading but I no longer have a dedicated time when I can just read. I do however try to fit in a few pages a day when feeding my kids (push spoon in mouth, read one line – expert at this!), waiting for the water to boil (if I’m really desperate) and such situation

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