Pingo makes International call more affordable! September 12, 2007

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One thing that is fairly important when we’re far from home, traveling from one country to one country, is to phone home. I admit there’s SMS (Short Messaging Service/Text SMS), MMS, Email and so on to list for. But they can’t challenge the feeling we share within voices, from one end to another end. What make life better than hearing your parents voicing out their concern with you in another country, in their decent and honest voice? What makes your day better than saying “I Love you so much” to your spouse when you’re far in distance from them?

Introducing Pingo, long distance calling tailored for your needs, anywhere, anytime! Why Pingo?

  1. You can make clear and reliable calls (their proven network guarantees it),
  2. Great rates to India and most other countries around the world.
  3. No hidden charge or fees – the rate you see is the rate you pay.
  4. Mobile users save as much as 90%.
  5. Refer a friend to Pingo and get $5 USD in free calls.
  6. PIN-less dialing – no need to enter your PIN every time you call.

Still not convincing? Well, let’s look at these!

Pingo Business & Family Plan: Go global, with no equipment to purchase just easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings.

Pingo’s RateWatcher™ saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you’re getting really low phone card rate.

Pingo Mobile: Saves you up to 90% on your International cell phone calls.

Pingo’s calling card affiliate program pays $15 for each new customer you refer.

Trust Pingo’s reliable network that delivers over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and you’re one dial away from your love one!



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