The greatest therapy in the sky September 15, 2007

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“Hey Saiful, let’s make a hole in the sky!”

He yelled, and I was gulping the clogged saliva in my throat. I know he’s joking, but this man can make your flying experience unforgettable. Mr Rob, a 50 plus year old pilot, waving his hand, and point his index fingers towards the front seat. The ROTAX engine keep making that rough sound, a sign that it is now ready to fly.

Me? I tried to fit in the ear phone plug to my ears, and the microphone too. I walked to the semi bucket seat, and get my hands working on the seat belt. I’ve been on this ultra light aircraft for many times before, and I know the drill. Safety first, that’s what essential. You don’t want to fall from this plane while drifting on 240km/h in the sky.

“Yeap! Ready when you are, Mr Rob”, I yelled.

“Oh, sorry, we’re on the microphone” Bummer! Hopefully I didn’t tear his eardrums! I look at him, and he gave me that big smile, a sign that he’s fine and not offended by my stupid hopeless act just now. Relief, but I know this will be fun.

Mr Rob, a professional pilot, with 30,000 plus flying hours experience, is now sitting behind me. We took off without hassle, and I let myself unguarded, feeling the rushing breeze to my face. I never thought flying could be a therapy. Back in Labuan, I drive when I can. It’s my hobby. Yeah, no one ever noticed that I spend a lot of my time in my car. It’s like my second home. That best explain why I like it when I drive from Menumbok to KK. But there is one thing anyone should know – I always avoid myself from being a person behind the wheel when I’m in bad mood. I am reckless and hopeless when im in my worse state, for a reason that I cant focus much on my driving, and that I can knock the logic state in my mind, by my ever temper mental state.

There’s always a time when heat up conversation took place in the car, I sold my soul to the devil. I drive like maniac, trying to beat the hell of words spraying like a bullet from her mouth. I can’t stand it if anyone trying to start a conversation that will lead to horrific quarrel. She did it, all the time. And we almost die when I went sideways for 50 metres next to the cliff. And Im still wondering how the hell I can make a front wheel Honda goes sideway. In case anyone noticed, I change my profile pictures to my individual image. Finally, I managed to get her off my hair, with hopes that she will never come back, with hope that she will leave me in peace and learn to go on with life. She’s suicidal, so am I. But hell no, life’s changing now, and I know I am now a free man.

A slight pat on my back woke me up immediately. I felt the tense on my forehead, perhaps I was thinking too much I created a railway on it.. or perhaps highway – a big shattered long line. Mr Rob showed me there’s a group of kangaroo down there, and we went down 90 degrees in 150km/h speed, and I made a big grin for that.

That’s the beauty of speed. You smile when everyone shattered. And you’re special because you know you will be fine when everyone thinks you will die. I keep saying to myself, “This is hell a lot of fun!” and that’s my flying therapy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. May God bless all of you.


One Response to “The greatest therapy in the sky”

  1. cindy Says:

    I noticed you changed your profile photo but I didn’t have the guts to mention it. I figured it might be too sensitive. But since you mentioned, I guess it’s a bold movement you’ve made. You’ve proven to yourself that you’ve made it – being you. Being a brave man who could finally make a move.

    Wow, that flying trip sounds fun! Did you happen to take a video shot of it? 😛

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