Secure your dream car September 18, 2007

Filed under: Automobile — saifulrizan @ 1:20 pm
I always have this thing for speed. It’s fascinating, and of course, it’s fun. Hell a lot of fun, I must say. Come to think of it, I can recall my number of accidents I have been into before. But I guess the grandest of all must be the one when I lost control on the track and turned the Putra upside down. That was my deepest regret for destructing a race car, but it was another achievement in life, surviving one bloody unfortunate event.

With some extra income flowing into my pocket every month, I started to dare myself to dream of Mazda RX7. Yes, the rotary engine where everyone in automotive scene in Malaysia considered as taboo. No one dare to play a rotary engine, but those whom into the rotary rocket would spend thousands to get their Rexy working very well. In the end, it’s all end up on how good your manage your car condition, and how good you’re on handling your beast car.

This is a nightmare!

But one thing slapped me back real hard. I’ve been in an accident four (4) times, most of it was my fault, but once it wasn’t. And most of the time, the insurance wont cover all the expenses, and yet I’ve got to fork out hundreds from my wallet just to get the car back in shape and working normally. It’s just one thing. If my car look so tempted and gorgeous to anyone, I could face the risk of theft problem, or perhaps, vandals that couldn’t accept the fact that my ride is better than them. I need a
coverage for sports car, so I know I will be protected financially. Bu ththe thing with sport car, the insurance tend to go high to the sky, and for some people, it’s not affordable. But I know I can get a lower rates for my RX 7. So, what’s your dream car? And have you plan ahead your auto insurance plan?


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