Being conservative is soooooo dead, September 19, 2007

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I hate it when some people appears in your favorite forum and mess everything around and give that DicKtator impression. Insecure? Yes I am! You’re right the moment you thought about that. You see, this new forum member, a guy (obviously) is some kind of the hard core supporter of one opposition party in Malaysia, with all his post contains all his grudge to the ruling party in Malaysia.

Like, who the hell would care about your stand on politics? Being a loyal observer to all the peoples in the forum, I saw many kinds of attitudes. I know those with cocky attitude and flamer-friendly wouldn’t last long.

But this one particular guy, with his conservative extremist attitude, showered me with his “super friendly” accusation, after I locked one thread where he started to built his kingdom of Keadilan opposition party egoism and supremo in LOC the forum. Obviously, he didn’t like the idea of stripping away his first ever historical appreance in the forum. What can I do? I’m trying to be responsible and protective to my friends in there, from being exposed to this shallow and narrow minded hooligans, spraying the so-called religious speeches to my territory. No way! Not that I am not a religious guy, nor I neglected my responsible as a Muslim.

I know my responsibility towards my God, my religion, and everyone around me.

I don’t need a harsh and brutal comment on my attitude. And no, I don’t need your funky perspective about me, and my way of handling your attitude, and your way of convincing people in the forum that you’re the only one to listen to.

Oh, I spit so much fire I started to munch some napalm, so I can spit harder and burn you in hell with your shallow and brainless ideology. What’s with being so addicted and fanatic to what happened in West Malaysia, when you have a good and peaceful live in Labuan island? We all know the main concern of all the Muslim on the island is about the prostitution, cheap booze and more that you can list down, but as long as we avoid ourself from such things, I believe it’s a victory for us – avoiding anything that can encourage you to commit sin. We can’t scrap off the Pinoy chicks from Labuan. They will come and go as they pleased, thanks to the related govt bodies in Labuan for giving such privileges to those bitchessss.

Now go blame all that people and the YB, instead of mentioning my name directly and indirectly in all your hatred content posts sucka!

*wow.. that’s a good writing therapy.

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7 Responses to “Being conservative is soooooo dead,”

  1. cindy Says:


    I don’t like talking bout politics. They bore me to death. OK, faint maybe..not dead.

    I prefer girl talk. Makeup. Pink. Dresses. Table lamp. Cupcakes. G-sting. Super cute mini panties. Bikini. Brazilian waxing.


    😛 Just kidding ar.

  2. cindy Says:

    Eh, did I just said G-sting?


    But you know I meant G-string. 😛

  3. SR215 Says:

    G-Sting? OMG… is that a poisonuous accessories to G-String? Interesting!

  4. cindy Says:

    G-Sting is used to sting your G-spot. 😛

  5. Ratu Syura Says:

    That’s what I hate about forums. Some people just can’t take your point of view with a broader mindset. It’s okay to have different opinions, but not to the point of forcing someone to agree with you right?? And if someone doesn’t agree, they get all pissed and sh*t.. *sigh*

  6. Saiful Says:

    cindy : Oh Cindy, behave… *giggles*

    Syura : Yea, agree with you. Some people really think they’re far better than anyone.

  7. zaizen Says:

    lama x jengok blog ko SR..sape tu?..kuang hajor..

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