Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 1 September 23, 2007

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Note : Another thing I want to do here is have a spin on the Jaguar XJS V12 – one of the 4 limited edition imported to Australia. Please Mr Rob, give me that superb experience!

Today is my last day in Darling Downs Aviation, Dalby. For the last 30 days (or more) I’ve been staying in this country side, dealing with business matters, and perhaps learning a new things in life. I’ve been staying with a wonderful family, each of them with their own great personalities, welcoming me to their property.

The only thing I would like to do for my last day here is another flying session with Drifter; an ultra light aircraft designed and manufactured by Darling Downs Aviation. I’ve been in love with the experience and the structure of Drifter, despites its simplicity in design and the loud engine at the back. But hey, who cares right?

Give that blue sky my last big hug!

For this last flight, I got my trusty camera with me (in the near future, I will kiss you goodbye, dear H5). It’s kinda funny I put on the strap to this camera. I never put it on, because I don’t like thing hanging on my neck. But I have to admit defeat to the fact that loose things can make your flying experience unforgettable! If you don’t know what I mean, perhaps I should recall the joke Mr Rob told me the other day.

Mr Rob : Saiful, do you know what’s the actual function of this propeller?
Me : (Me being obedience, and not in mood to answer) Uh-hum… No.
Mr Rob : Well, this is an air conditioner for the pilot.
Me : Eh, really???
Mr Rob : Yeah, when the propeller stop working, the pilot will sweat a lot!!

And the Drifter propeller is at the back. So if my camera got snapped by the heavy wind and shoot it to the propeller, that’s the end of life, baby!

You should know how adorable the sky in the west side of this country

Unfortunately, I have to share the pics with you, my dearest readers, tomorrow. It’s now 2 a.m in the morning (we’re 2 hours ahead of Malaysia) and I need to wake up early tomorrow for a 3 hours trip back to Brisbane. So, stay tune for tomorrow update.

I gave cam-whore a new style – shoot your handsome and manly shadow! Lol!

In case you’re wondering, this is the Drifter – and Mr Rob at the back. This was taken last year.


7 Responses to “Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 1”

  1. cindy Says:

    For a moment, when you said it’s your last day in Dalby, I thought you were going back to Labuan!

    Hey, the last photo is awesome!

  2. maslight Says:

    wholly crap the sky..punya kewl! XD omg~ i wanna be there… T_T bring me!!!

  3. SR215 Says:

    Cindy : Last photo? the one with the pilot, or just my shadow?

    maslight : Sure, standby your return ticket Malaysia – Brisbane – Malaysia. 🙂

  4. yanti Says:

    Australia is awesome! Love the scenery of the country area..

  5. SR215 Says:

    Yes, the fact that it is a big flat land, with green-ish everywhere + clear blue sky made me fell in love with Australia.

  6. cindy Says:

    The one with the pilot lah! 😛

  7. SR215 Says:

    ahahaha… *blushing*

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