Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 3 September 25, 2007

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This is the final part of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug. So I guess my blog will be filled in with green-ish images for the next couple of days. 🙂 Anyway, enjoy my last set of GiveThatBlueSkyMyLastBigHug!

I sat on this cockpit, with the simplest board of metres, switches and one joystick. Please note, the red button on the stick was not meant to drop a bomb, or initiate fire from the plane. Don’t ask me either, I know nothing bout it functions. Anyway, this is an ultra light aircraft, not a warbird. 🙂

Don’t you love the beautiful country panorama?

Flock of birds terrified by our sudden appearance on their territory. *Note that we’re flying very low at this stage… very low….

I hope someone can imagine this as a sign from something out there. Well, not close enough to crop circle, but yeah, I guess a believer will see this as a message. Lol! *just joking ba Cin.

If you note the white spots down there, it is actually a sheep. We can’t go low enough to snap images.

Very low…

What if you have to live in a place where no one can’t hear you scream at night?

I’m going back to Brunei tomorrow, 26th September 2007. From there, I might not be online (perhaps I can get a hotel with WiFi in Brunei) for couple of days until I get back to Labuan. But I will get back online as soon as possible, so you guys wont get boring to see all the green things in my blog.
All images taken with courtesy of Mr Rob of Darling Downs Aviation Pty. Ltd, Eden Kupunn, Dalby. This blogger taken (and fascinated) to rip the sky with Drifter, an ultra light aircraft made for recreational purpose.


One Response to “Give that blue sky my last big hug – Part 3”

  1. PapaJoneh Says:

    Alamak, you’re a pilot pulak Saiful. So cool. Now, I’m really proud to know a pilot among my friends. Bagus bagus.

    Love the scenery. Just plain awesome.
    All the best to you my friend.. When you coming back? Or already here? Must have missed the post. 😀

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