Palm Garden Hotel, Kiulap, Brunei Darussalam. September 27, 2007

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Note : I have to work hard on my new blogs about Labuan, it is the Labuan Bird Park, My Labuan Island (not too new – but fair) and Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007 Photo Gallery. I guess we don’t have much information about Labuan in Internet – just another community services brought to you by me.

After a tiring 7 hours flying with Royal Brunei from Brisbane to Bandar Seri Begawan, the staff at Bandar Seri Begawan airport was not really helpful. They closed the usual walkway where passengers can go to the arrival hall less than 2 minutes. Instead, they made us walk around the arrival hall until one time I got cranky because no one there really helpful – at all!

I stayed for a night in Brunei before taking a ferry back to Labuan. After Traders Inn (somewhere I stranded without extra cash, cloth and credit in my phone), Mr Lim (my regular taxi driver in Brunei) brought me to Palm Garden Hotel. It was launched approximately a month ago, just a day before I leave for Australia. Palm Garden Hotel located in Kiulap, in Gadong district perhaps.

I spent BND 60 per night (approximately RM 138/ USD 41) for a room with large bed, a TV, coffee maker and of course, a free WiFi connection.

Next to this hotel building is Fitness Zone, perhaps the biggest gym for Bruneians to work out. I noticed they open till late at night. With large building with massive facilities, and a swimming pool and a stylish cafe for hangout, or just sipping your latte, it’s the attraction of the health conscious Bruneians.

If you’re looking for an entertainment spot or going to cinema, Q Lap Mall is just a 2 minutes walk from Palm Garden Hotel. Don’t tell me if Q Lap sounds cute. I giggled looking at that.

I give Palm Garden Hotel 4 star rating – because they dont have a flat screen TV like in Meridien Hotel.


15 Responses to “Palm Garden Hotel, Kiulap, Brunei Darussalam.”

  1. Jewelle Says:

    Ahh, I haven’t been around that area for a while, so the hotel is open already. Looks a bit tacky with the palm tree, LOL.

  2. SR215 Says:

    Yes, Jewelle. Opened/launched sometimes around August (approximately 13 August).

  3. Haizum Says:

    Wahu. Looks good.

  4. maria katrina gesmundo Says:

    I just would like to ask if the palm garden is accepting practicumers. I am a Hotel and Restaurant Management major from the University of the Philippines, and I will be having my on-the-job training very soon. I hope to hear a positive response from you soon. Thank you.

  5. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi maria.

    I have no idea how to answer your question. Why dont you try give them a call instead. I was just a guest.

  6. maria katrina gesmundo Says:

    Are you from Brunei? i’m afraid I wont be able to call the Hotel, i’m looking for its website though, but i could not find it. Did you book on-line? Will you be kind and tell me the website of the brunei branch. Yhank you very much!

  7. saifulrizan Says:

    Nope, I am from Labuan, Malaysia. I stayed there during business trip. I hope you read through the whole post before asking if I am Bruneian. Nope, I didn’t book online.

    I did Google-d for the hotel website, but I couldn;t find one.

    One question though, why you eager to work in Brunei?

  8. maria katrina gesmundo Says:

    it is near the philippines, and i think the place would be interesting… im more on exploring those that are not in the limelight

  9. Juan Fadzli Says:

    I stayed in Palm Garden hotel for two days, comfortable and feel so privacy. The internet access sometimes llagging. Waht ever it is.. i will comeback to here if im in Brunei.. HuhUhu

  10. hexa Says:

    i’m interested in taking up hrm in college…
    can you please tell me if i can practice my degree there?
    it’s only if ever…
    tnx “)

  11. hexa Says:

    i’m from the philippines….
    tnx again…”)

  12. saifulrizan Says:

    Hi Hexa,

    I don’t know. THat hotel is not mine and I don;t have any business with them. I WAS JUST A GUEST.

  13. Ezal Says:

    That hotel is owned by Wu Chun, You know.. the actor…. The Q-lap sounds cute… it’s located in Kiulap though.. that’s where the name came from…

    to Hexa.. What degree? In Brunei, if you take the business studies.. go to Laksmana College.. or IGS (International Graduated School)… etc…

  14. Leyana Says:

    Hi ful, just wanna know any contact number for palm garden hotel?? i’ve been searching for it like crazyyyy

  15. Hi Sir/Madam I’m a College student in Northwest Samar State University in Calbayog City I’m graduated these year we have an OJT in hotel I hope i Can work with your hotel these July.
    If ever you have a space for an OJT These is my contact number: +639186457574

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