Home and safe September 30, 2007

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Hello everyone, how are you?

I am home now, in Labuan. Perhaps you’d noticed that I haven’t online for a couple of days. I have no Internet connection at home, but will get one after Raya (If there’s any balance from Raya expenses – hopefully) in Sandakan, with my dearest grandmother and the rest of the cute and beautiful hot chicks cousins. Haven’t see them for ages; since the last 9 years – only during my recent visit to grandma’s, I met all of them. This year, the whole family will fly to Sandakan, to spend a week there with our long lost cousin.

In other news, I’ve resigned from the company I worked with. Meaning, there’s no thick paperwork, no stress, no flying again (no Papajoneh, Im not a pilot – just trainee) and no more things that failed to get me to sleep every night and then. I guess this is the freedom I’ve chosed, to free myself from a hectic job. I do love my job, but I do need to get a life. I can’t say I’m totally unemployed now. I’ve promised Adam I will give my total focus to NXG Solutions this time, without priority on other job – oh, wait – I need to get my insurance business works too. Let time decides. After all, there’s no 8 am – 8 pm job anymore.

I haven’t go to Bazaar Ramadhan yet! But I supposed the scene will be the same like many years before – over crowded during the first 2 weeks, slightly crowded during the 3rd week, and a ghost town during the 4th week. I’ll take some time to go to Bazar, only to find it’s overpriced – especially in town area. That means I’m extending my Bazaar Ramadhan trip to the entire island – after all it won’t take more than 2 hours to complete a round trip on this island.

I’m RED! Yeah, I’ve painted the room red, with the white on ceiling as to create the effect of big & high room . I planned to get a reading lamp to complete my reading area now. The only thing I lack of is yellow bulb. I want to create a relax, but not gloomy to my bed room. It’s a bedroom. so I need to make it comfortable to sleep. It’s a bedroom after all – I don’t know if you sleep in any places other than bedroom. Will post the picture of my bedroom soon – just to show you girls out there that men do have a taste in interior design. *yeah!!*

Well, things are going smooth – for now. I hope my Ramadhan will be better than last year. With few plans roaming inside my head now, I guess I will burn more cash and get things done as soon as possible. I wont mix my personal matter with job. So, I guess I will get my room done, personal things settled and fixed, and get to the point where I have nothing to worry about before initiate to step on the business world again.

To all my friends, I miss you all – and sorry for not dropping by to bomb you guys with my comments. 🙂


4 Responses to “Home and safe”

  1. cindy Says:

    Eh, I don’t get it. Are you back for good or is it only for Raya?

    Anyway, welcome back! 😀

    PS: So RED it is, huh? I was hoping for a PINK. 😛

  2. LeeHng Says:

    I understand the “I love my job but I need a life” statement.

    Dude, email me? I think now that your free, I might have something interesting we could do =)

    it will be something good i promise.

    (er… no, nothing “dark side” about it) ^^”

  3. Saiful Says:

    Cindy : yeah, Im back for good. Hoping that my decision this time is a good move for myself.

    Julian : Cool, I’ll send you an email.

  4. Jewelle Says:

    You painted your bedroom red?! Wow, tell me how’s the sleeping experience becoz I like red and I think its very romantic but its supposed to be heaty too

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