Circle October 31, 2007

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This is the photo I like the most during my visit to Taman Buaya Sandakan. I think it give the subjective meaning of it.

Are they harming the croc?

Or they just were playing with the croc?

The fact is they’re trying to push this big crocodile to the side, to give way for another crocodile for the next show. They’re fat, big and long, and most of the time they just close their eyes. Perhaps they’re too bored to be there, being a show-croc every single day, entertaining the visitors.

Everyone would clap and give compliment to the professionals that doing their stunts with the crocodiles; from kissing the croc lip (I wonder how it taste like) to dancing with the croc. I gave credit to them for doing such things, first for their braveness to put their balls on chopping board, and second, for showing the visitors wildlife are not harmful given they’re treated in a proper and safe way.

But are they happy with their situation?

One for living in cage for years.

One for risking their body parts for the sake of entertainment.

This world never leaves everyone on top.


What I want in marriage October 29, 2007

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Note: Recently, I experienced a very good mood of writing. It was like I want to write about everything, and the ideas keep coming. It’s a blessing, just in time when I guess there’s not much I can offer from my blog anymore – after being drained by plenty of product reviews and all that. Bear with me please, I’m trying to improve my writing skills to accommodate everyone taste – it should not be heavy, but readable to anyone.

I’ve spent few days in KK, right after spending 6 days of Syawal in Sandakan. Kota Kinabalu never failed me. I have lots of nice friends here, thanks to my extended years during my UiTM year; I managed to make more friends there. As usual, I’ve spent few days with them, exchanging stories of friends. I was not surprised to know that few of our friends already married, some just got engaged, and some still making their way to the next level. Instead, I was surprised of the rumors flying around (for almost 3 years) that I’ve engaged to whoever it was. Thank you guys, at least I’m still in your talk circle.

Personally, I don’t think I will go anywhere near that status. I’m happy with my current status – no further comment required. I guess it’s just the effect of current trend; accumulate wealth while we can, and settle down when it’s all has been lay down on the table. I keep myself contained with the urge of an opportunist. It’s all there, ready to be grabbed, and I’m all with it. Being young, I tried to keep myself occupied with anything that I can learn now. It’s unfair to put myself in the comfort zone all the time, because I’ve learned that all the good things come after a plenty of hard work. What’s learning without implementation? It’s like raising a kid without giving him a direction in life.

Many peoples around me have asked the same thing; marriage. It’s something that I’m still weak at. Marriage is not just being attached to your spouse, have a kid, and raise them together. I’m not a male chauvinist pig. I want a marriage to be meaningful, and I have a complete control of it, of course towards a better way. I want to guide the family towards a way, that exceeds more than what I’ve been thinking of. I want everyone in my family to be able to take care of themselves, but still put our mind and soul as a family. I want everyone in the family to be able to pursue their dreams, despite the challenges they have to face, because I want my family to be successful in whatever way they will choose. I want to be able to give my family a better basic need, simply for the healthy environment that I’ve dreamt of, in all aspects. I want everything positive, and yes, I mean it, I want everything!

Since I see myself far from perfect, or anywhere near that, I’ll rest my case till I know I’m ready. So stop asking the same thing. No girls want a guy without bright future.


Just another story October 19, 2007

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Note : Please be informed that my new email is

I’m back in Kota Kinabalu, although I’m a Labuan resident, I always take KK as my second home. The reason is I’ve spent 4 years staying here when studying at UiTM, Kota Kinabalu. And my dad lives here. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not separated by any legal cause. He got transferred here, that’s all.

After 6 days in Sandakan, my heart still wants to stay there. The guiltiness built inside, witnessing the consequence of disappearing from everyone radar. What a shame I can only spend 6 days there, but reality would slap me harder if I leave my business and responsibilities in Labuan. I’m eager to come back to Sandakan in the near future, hopefully with a condition that allows me to stay there more than merely 6 days. I missed everyone, for their memories of me when I was a kid (although I’m still a children inside) and for their kindness to accept me back in their life, literally. Nine years are way too long for anyone to keep in memories of one person named Mohd Saifulrizan. And nine years must be painful and lonely for grandma for not seeing her daughter family’s from Labuan. How geographic would cause a deeper cut in the heart of one great, kind and lovely grandmother. Although telephone existence never been denied, standing before her would be the greatest feeling in this world, more than seeing your girlfriend everyday; nagging at you for such a simple reason. Bah!

Jewelle asked me if there’s any possibility that I could take some pictures during my stay there. Yes Jewelle, I did, but hey, 6 days are not enough to drag my camera all the way across Sandakan territories. But I managed to snap some photos at some places. All my loyal blog readers would see all of it maybe next week. I’m still at my dad’s place, where the basic communication is only mobile phone, and a weak signal to add salt to the injury. Back to the story, I went to the Taman Buaya and Taman Sandakan there. I was dying to go to Agnes Keith house, and the temple above the hill (with superb Chinese architecture and beautiful sea view from there). I promise, the next time I step my foot in Sandakan again, both places are my second priorities, after spending some good time with my grandmother.

I’m going back to Labuan this weekend, and there’s more to complete with Adam. Workload never leaves us easy, but then it’s the essence of business. No work, no money – a simple universal law. By that time, this blog might be upgraded to, but I’m still thinking of the design. A simple one would be fine for me, as long as I can share my thoughts and pictures taken by me. When it finish, everyone will be informed.

So, how was your Raya? Although we’re still in the first week of Raya, but I have this feeling it’s already ended. I’m sorry to spoil your mood, it’s just me being sarcastic, because everyone already at work. But then, if all of us take a month leave just to enjoy the Syawal, national productivity will decline and Pak Lah might announce the extra bonus to get all of us back to work. *Everyone was asking about bonus when the Budget 2008 tabulated sometimes ago. Maybe not, because if you still can realize you’re the employee, your pay depends on your work attendance. So, stop thinking of extending your leave/holiday. This is 2007, reality depends on your money, and it comes again; no work, no money.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitiri to every Malaysian, Bruneian, Singaporean and everyone in this world, and take this times to share the happiness with all your friends and families. After all, Malaysia was built on the integration among races, so please celebrate it with us. Happiness is meant to be shared with everyone.

Have a good day everyone!


Medical aid at home

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When I was a kid, I refused to consume medicine whenever I am sick. The truth is, I hate the taste of the pills and tablets. Only when I know there’s fruit flavor applied to these pills and tablets, I give myself to the state of healing, at my will. Time’s past, and I am not a kid anymore. I realized being healthy is a wealth, thus I need to maintain to be in a good shape.

Recently I wrote about the high fever I had. Of all the high fever I had in my life, which was the bad one. Normally, my high fever only consists of these symptoms; high temperature, dizzy, weak and tasteless tongue. But this time, it comes with hard trembling body and it lasts for almost two hours. It’s like being in vibration mode; its stop when the call replied. I decided to consume another Panadol and antibiotic. Only then that I can sleep peacefully, despite its still there, giving me a hard time in another chapter of my life. The next morning, I felt better more than last night.

You see, that’s the important of having a medical supplies at home. It’s really convenience, although it’s the basic kind of medicine. At least I don’t have to keep myself contained with the virus for one night, and go to the doctor the next morning, and find myself worse than before.


The best Raya ever October 15, 2007

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Hi again and greetings from Sandakan.

It’s now the third day of Raya, but the mood still as vibrant as it is still the first day of Eid. Few younger cousins (yes, really young – make me feel I am an uncle now – sheesh!!!) staying with us, at grandma’s house till this Wednesday. They haven’t met us for a long time, so I guess this is the time they get to know about their long lost cousin from Labuan. Who knows when will be the next time we’re coming back to Sandakan. Mom talked to me the other day, mentioning that she would like to come back next Raya, driving our car as far from Labuan to Sandakan. For a person who put my passion on driving, I didn’t resist. A big grin is a sign of agreement. Yes, we will try to make it next Raya.

These couple of days, we met the whole siblings of my mum, except for 1 big brother that’s now in Kedah. I got that surprised look by all of them, and the next question put me in a state of confusions.

“Who is this big boy?”

Did mom never send them any picture of us, or just me? Why everyone recognize my younger siblings but not me? The only thing they know about Saifulrizan, the oldest and only son of my mom, went to Australia to do some work over there. They got the facts right, but then they asked again, right before me,

“Saifulrizan still in Australia?”.

I can only smile, putting the fault all on me. I ignored haven’t meet them for many years, so I know I can’t blame them for not recognizing me. After all, I put it as a compliment, since everyone eager to know about Saifulrizan, and asked my mom and dad about me, despite realizing I was there, munching on their delicious cookies and yummy cakes!

My dearest grandma

This Raya might be the best of all, knowing that they still care. There’s still three days to spend here, and yet I am thinking on where to go to take nice pictures. My regular driver, Uncle Din would take me to anywhere, as long as there’s a companion for him to talk.

Have a great Hari Raya everyone, and don’t eat too much.


Remembering the dark days

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I remember back in high school, to snort on ganja are the in-thing at that moment. Those who possessed such thing can make a lot of money, and sometimes, a lot of friends. Too bad, it only leads them to destruction. And too bad, I have to go through my secondary school with them. That’s the price I have to pay for schooling in one of the schools that considered as bad in reputation.

I have seen the consequences; for trading and using drugs. Some ended up in jail, some ended up on the road side or in bushes, where they will spend their life forever in darkness and alone. That’s one kind of thing that I never dreamt of; to spend my life in such a waste degraded life. Such a shame I couldn’t help all of them. I still remember keeping a packet of marijuana in my locker, and starring at it for hours – thinking of both side; take it or leave it. Peer pressure and poor life environment would start a Darth Vader saga in me, but my love to myself, my families, and my future saved me. The packet went to the drain, with all the intention to try something new. It was a bad choice to keep it, and it always will be a bad choice.

To think about it, prevention comes to my mind. With all the media adverts crying for attention to gain consciousness on the bad effect of using drug substance in a wrong way, or more than prescribed by the doctor for medical reason, I can breathe deeply now; a sign of appreciation on the effort to save the youth. Currently, with all the recognized NGOs and with proper help and guidance from related government bodies, drug treatment made possible at cheaper cost, and welcoming environment, to give back the life deserved by any one, clean from drug abuse.

Make your act today by spreading the words. Drug-free for life.


Get the right gear

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My recent trip to Australia was not fun – at first. I have to deal with an all-day raining, with the temperature dropped to negative 1 degree Celsius at night. Staying on an open wide land, on the highest point in the state would make your life easier with North Face jacket

Sometimes, I would crumple under 4 layers of comforter, to make me comfort the least. The heater would be a big help if it’s not broken! My friend said I bought blessings to their land, because they haven’t get any rain for the past 4 or 5 months, and it really affected their business, and other cotton, wheat and grain farms as well.

Blessing my ass! After 1 week of shaking terribly, I know every joints in my body started squealing already!