My Little Red Box October 2, 2007

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I’ve told you guys that my dad painted my room sometimes ago, just to surprise me with his effort to make me happy and welcoming me back to Labuan. To my surprise, he painted it blue – and it glows pretty bright when you switch on the lamp. I’m not a choosy person, but I know you need the entire best comfortable zone in your bedroom. So to have a burning-retina factor in my room is the last thing I need in my life – and I never want to have it in my wish list – Never! After all, it’s a bedroom. Instead, he painted my sister room in red color. I’m a big fan of red thing (and other colors that suits my taste/preference). So I negotiated with her, and willing to sacrifice the big space in the blue room.

It took me 2 days to complete the painting job. I pick red for wall, and white for the ceiling. I guess if I painted the ceiling red too, it will make the room look a little bit small. In addition, I’m planning to put only reading lamp and one decorated lamp on the wall. So the white ceiling won’t striking too much (glowed by the white fluorescent lamp) which in my opinion would cause a terrible lighting effect to my red wall.

The result pretty awesome (in my preference lah) and I really like it, so much! So I decided to play with my red wall as a background for some stuff I have.

And for your information, this SONY DSC H5 digital camera will no longer be my dearest in near future. I guess that what costs me when you screw up a relationship, and both party asked for compensation – in my case, the burden goes on me. Oh, apology for the lack of explanation, but I guess some people would know what my situation is now. If it’s for my good, I’ll sacrifice anything just to make other people happy with my decision. So, I’ll kiss goodbye to H5. It’s been an awesome and adventurous journey we shared together. Not to forget, the excitements you brought to my life, plus the bridge you created between me and other photography enthusiasts. Wipe off your tears honey love; I know she will take a very good care of you. I know.


7 Responses to “My Little Red Box”

  1. cindy Says:


    OWHHHHHHHH MY EYES!!! Merahnya!!!

    It looks nice tho. Ngam for a guy. Love the photos too. Looks like you have a mini studio in your room now. 😛

  2. tulipspeaks Says:

    the RED looks great!!! imagining my room in RED now! whoa!

    *came from cindy’s bloggie.



  3. Zainijimmy Says:

    hola sr haha..merah juga 2 napa? punya canggih 2

  4. Hangmen Says:

    Not bad. Really pimpin’ paintjob there.

  5. SR215 Says:

    Cindy : Oh, sorry. I hope it wont burn your retina. Hahahha

    Tulipspeaks : Thanks for dropping by, Tulip. Yeah, I guess red would make everyone energetic. 😛

    Zaini : Welcome back YB.

    Hangmen : Cool to know that you like it. 🙂

  6. Corinne Says:

    very brave…i love RED…
    RED for Manchester United…RED for KIMI RAIKKONEN 😀
    wish my mum will allow me to paint my room RED…

  7. maslight Says:

    omg! punya kewl red color room!!!! i love i love!!! bold colors really pops! XD omg~! i want my room painted!!! *show tearie eyes XD

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