Remembering the dark days October 15, 2007

Filed under: Personal Opinion — saifulrizan @ 8:15 am
I remember back in high school, to snort on ganja are the in-thing at that moment. Those who possessed such thing can make a lot of money, and sometimes, a lot of friends. Too bad, it only leads them to destruction. And too bad, I have to go through my secondary school with them. That’s the price I have to pay for schooling in one of the schools that considered as bad in reputation.

I have seen the consequences; for trading and using drugs. Some ended up in jail, some ended up on the road side or in bushes, where they will spend their life forever in darkness and alone. That’s one kind of thing that I never dreamt of; to spend my life in such a waste degraded life. Such a shame I couldn’t help all of them. I still remember keeping a packet of marijuana in my locker, and starring at it for hours – thinking of both side; take it or leave it. Peer pressure and poor life environment would start a Darth Vader saga in me, but my love to myself, my families, and my future saved me. The packet went to the drain, with all the intention to try something new. It was a bad choice to keep it, and it always will be a bad choice.

To think about it, prevention comes to my mind. With all the media adverts crying for attention to gain consciousness on the bad effect of using drug substance in a wrong way, or more than prescribed by the doctor for medical reason, I can breathe deeply now; a sign of appreciation on the effort to save the youth. Currently, with all the recognized NGOs and with proper help and guidance from related government bodies, drug treatment made possible at cheaper cost, and welcoming environment, to give back the life deserved by any one, clean from drug abuse.

Make your act today by spreading the words. Drug-free for life.


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