The best Raya ever October 15, 2007

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Hi again and greetings from Sandakan.

It’s now the third day of Raya, but the mood still as vibrant as it is still the first day of Eid. Few younger cousins (yes, really young – make me feel I am an uncle now – sheesh!!!) staying with us, at grandma’s house till this Wednesday. They haven’t met us for a long time, so I guess this is the time they get to know about their long lost cousin from Labuan. Who knows when will be the next time we’re coming back to Sandakan. Mom talked to me the other day, mentioning that she would like to come back next Raya, driving our car as far from Labuan to Sandakan. For a person who put my passion on driving, I didn’t resist. A big grin is a sign of agreement. Yes, we will try to make it next Raya.

These couple of days, we met the whole siblings of my mum, except for 1 big brother that’s now in Kedah. I got that surprised look by all of them, and the next question put me in a state of confusions.

“Who is this big boy?”

Did mom never send them any picture of us, or just me? Why everyone recognize my younger siblings but not me? The only thing they know about Saifulrizan, the oldest and only son of my mom, went to Australia to do some work over there. They got the facts right, but then they asked again, right before me,

“Saifulrizan still in Australia?”.

I can only smile, putting the fault all on me. I ignored haven’t meet them for many years, so I know I can’t blame them for not recognizing me. After all, I put it as a compliment, since everyone eager to know about Saifulrizan, and asked my mom and dad about me, despite realizing I was there, munching on their delicious cookies and yummy cakes!

My dearest grandma

This Raya might be the best of all, knowing that they still care. There’s still three days to spend here, and yet I am thinking on where to go to take nice pictures. My regular driver, Uncle Din would take me to anywhere, as long as there’s a companion for him to talk.

Have a great Hari Raya everyone, and don’t eat too much.


6 Responses to “The best Raya ever”

  1. Ratu Syura Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya Saiful~!! Glad you had a great one! Post raya pics laa! Wanna see Raya pics!! 😀

  2. SR215 Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too Syura.

    Raya pics.. hmm…

  3. cindy Says:

    Hahahahaha! It’s funny how our relatives don’t recognize us after all the many years in “hiding”. LOL! The last time my brother and I visited an uncle of ours, my uncle asked me “Cindy, who’s that Pakistani boy with you?”. He called my brother a Pakistani boy. Hahahahahahah!

    Anyway, wahhhh.. love the food picture. The cakes! OMG the cakes!!! Bikin beliur oh. >.< Still got ar? Can send me some? :-P Cute grandma you have. When take photos, so serious one. 😀 Happy Raya once again, Saiful!

  4. SR215 Says:

    Hi Cindy,
    yeah, it was awkward and uneasy for me. Anyway, just cope with it, and make sure I am recognizeable next time. hahaha

    That’s kek lapis sarawak. Mum bought it from Labuan, if u want some, come here la. Anyway, Im going back to KK this afternoon. 🙂

    *She didn’t know I took her picture. 🙂

  5. Zainijimmy Says:

    where is Saifulrizan? heheh…aik ko org Sdk rupanya…woo…ingatkan mmg org labuan…nyway Slmt hari raya yg ke…err lupa la hehe

  6. maslight Says:

    wuah se nampak kek layer sarawak..uh uh wuah ur grandma look still young oh XD awet muda…oh saiful uncle tua wakkaka XD

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