Medical aid at home October 19, 2007

Filed under: Personal Opinion — saifulrizan @ 10:29 pm
When I was a kid, I refused to consume medicine whenever I am sick. The truth is, I hate the taste of the pills and tablets. Only when I know there’s fruit flavor applied to these pills and tablets, I give myself to the state of healing, at my will. Time’s past, and I am not a kid anymore. I realized being healthy is a wealth, thus I need to maintain to be in a good shape.

Recently I wrote about the high fever I had. Of all the high fever I had in my life, which was the bad one. Normally, my high fever only consists of these symptoms; high temperature, dizzy, weak and tasteless tongue. But this time, it comes with hard trembling body and it lasts for almost two hours. It’s like being in vibration mode; its stop when the call replied. I decided to consume another Panadol and antibiotic. Only then that I can sleep peacefully, despite its still there, giving me a hard time in another chapter of my life. The next morning, I felt better more than last night.

You see, that’s the important of having a medical supplies at home. It’s really convenience, although it’s the basic kind of medicine. At least I don’t have to keep myself contained with the virus for one night, and go to the doctor the next morning, and find myself worse than before.


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