Circle October 31, 2007

Filed under: Photos — saifulrizan @ 2:28 pm

This is the photo I like the most during my visit to Taman Buaya Sandakan. I think it give the subjective meaning of it.

Are they harming the croc?

Or they just were playing with the croc?

The fact is they’re trying to push this big crocodile to the side, to give way for another crocodile for the next show. They’re fat, big and long, and most of the time they just close their eyes. Perhaps they’re too bored to be there, being a show-croc every single day, entertaining the visitors.

Everyone would clap and give compliment to the professionals that doing their stunts with the crocodiles; from kissing the croc lip (I wonder how it taste like) to dancing with the croc. I gave credit to them for doing such things, first for their braveness to put their balls on chopping board, and second, for showing the visitors wildlife are not harmful given they’re treated in a proper and safe way.

But are they happy with their situation?

One for living in cage for years.

One for risking their body parts for the sake of entertainment.

This world never leaves everyone on top.


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