Taking Virtual Public Forum Into Justice November 30, 2007

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Warning: This is one serious post and anything mentioned in this post are simply from my judgment and understanding of my rights as a virtual public forum moderator. In conclusion, this is all text and it’s very long…. I guess. You might want to read this if you’re the member of any virtual public forum. Happy reading!

I received a Private Message from one member of my regular forum, which I act as one of the Moderator in the forum. It’s the second message I received from that particular person. The story; someone (refer as first party after this) heard someone (refer as second party after this) talking bad about him/her in the forum, thus creating a raging and uncomfortable emotion, and he/she ask his friend (refer as third party – a middle person, after this), a forum member to ask if there are any way, I, as a Moderator can give them the information about certain member in the forum so they can bring the person into the court.


Here’s the punch line. If there’s no way that the said party couldn’t get this matter into justice, the forum will be dragged to the court as well, and this means total involvement of the forum Admin, Moderators and members as well.

Here’s what I have to say; though I’ve explained to the forum member (third party) earlier that trying to help his friend to dig out the info about this other forum member (second party) whom spread bad words about the first person (first party).

1. The forum itself shall never be liable for any damage caused by the member of the forum in any way possible to anyone, be it (the damage party / first party) is in any relation to the forum or not. The forum is only a medium provided by the owner to let people discuss, proposing a solution and share something related to the topics being in conversation. Any information placed in the forum shall be evaluated by the forum member in their discrete and fair judgment. Forum moderator(s) should take any immediate act to filter and delete any unreasonable, unreliable post that contains hate, anger and other things that can be considered as not suitable for public viewing.
2. Admin and Moderator(s) of the forum shall not be held liable any time for a damage caused that is not within their knowledge and conscience. This means if the second party spread rumors and bad things about the first party in the forum’s topic, without the attendance of any moderator at time, there’s simply no way to drag the Admin and Moderator(s) into the state of guilty, for virtual forum works 24/7. There’s no appointed human moderator that can stand facing the PC with Internet connection 24/7 monitoring the forum all the time.
3. Shall there a warning statement issued by the Moderator to the second party, with taking into account the necessity and consciousness on putting the forum topic in a good manner and profitable for anyone knowledge, which damaged intentionally and unintentionally by the second party, the responsible of giving the last warning; which is to ban the certain member IP to re-join the forum should be fall on the Admin responsibility – if the forum structure support such feature.
4. Any misunderstanding of opinions following the breach of ethics (which has been explained in the Terms & Conditions) which leads to exposure of personal privacy between the first party, second party & the third party shall be resolved privately between them, with Admin and Moderators act as an observer and give proper advice and decision; if, the said parties decided to request a judgment and view from the Admin and Moderator side.
5. Any forum members, other than the Admin, Moderators and the authorized member of the legal and registered organization that created by the members participated in the forum; using the forum name to represent the organization, does not represent the mission and vision of the forum at all cost. It has been explained in the Terms & Conditions that forum members shall be responsible for whatever they post in the forum; which has been explained and assumed understood by the party mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Any post contains element(s) that obviously breach the forum Terms & Conditions will be filtered and deleted by the Admin & Moderator(s). If the Admin, Moderator(s) & the member of the forum registered organization breach the Terms & Conditions, they will automatically remove from their position.
6. Forum Admin & Moderator(s) can only expose the user information to other party when there’s an accumulate decision achieved after discussing the rationality and relevancy of giving out the forum member detail to other party. However, user information limited to what they’ve disclosed during registration (to the forum) or edited from time to time.

I’ve summarized and replied what I’ve listed above to the third party. I’ve assured the forum member (third party) that I will do what I can do, as long as it is within my power and responsiblity as the forum moderator. I know it’s really uncomfortable to know that someone anonymously (almost everyone never disclosed their actual name in public forum) spreading bad things about us. It can lead to emotional stress and bad reputation which is not good for anyone.

It’s importance to practice healthy ethics when it comes to giving out opinion in the public forum. It really represent who we are, despite there’s a claim everyone can pretend to be someone that is not them in the cyber space. Believe me; any single words can lead to the truth.

Anyway, if I can take any forum member to the court, I will pick anyone that advertise their online business, erection program, penis enlargement supplement, products and anyone that always lead the topic to nowhere (Out Of Topic). 

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Creative Photography – Unusual Angles November 26, 2007

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At first time, I thought photography is all about taking pictures and capture the best moments and all that kind of things. Yes, that is the basic thing; without taking into account the importance of composition, lighting and angles.

I was keen to take pictures about everything, from scenery to scale model. After a while, I thought it was boring – sooner I realized I’ve lost interest in taking pictures. I let the camera stay in the box, and take it out sometimes to clean up the dust.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this email from Dave Peterson, a professional photographer because I subscribed to his website newsletter. He was talking about taking pictures from unusual angles. He realized most photos are shot at eye level. Come to think of it, this is because traditionally, you needed to have the viewfinder up to your eye to ensure you get everyone in the shot.

So this is his tips:

  1. Hold your camera at waist height and click while walking around. Some photos will be blurred, but you can usually find some that are very good. This works particularly well in sunlight when walking around a tourist area.
  2. When shooting any subject with a lot of straight lines (like someone on a fence), turn the camera 45 degrees to give a diagonal look to your image that enhances the mood of the picture.
  3. Sometimes the best images need to be taken from unusual locations such as from the top of a building (for a birds eye shot) or right down on the ground. Also point the camera different ways .including straight up or straight down. Don’t be afraid to try different angles. Placing your camera at angles of 30 degrees from the horizontal or vertical lines work well.
  4. When finding that great angle, don’t worry about looking the fool! Being self-conscious will affect your ability to find great angles, your concentration, and maybe even the quality of your photographs.
  5. You don’t need to go to extremes to find a great angle – even standing on a step, or getting down onto one knee can make a lot of difference.
  6. To make small things look large, lie on the ground and hold your camera towards the sky. This will make your small subject look like a giant! This also works well for tall buildings such as lighthouses.

Credit to Dave Peterson, for the tips.
Photos taken by me during the recent Labuan Classic Car AutoShow 2007

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How to start reading at your best? November 23, 2007

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I think everyone knows my hobby on reading books. In fact, I can put myself in my most silence and focus state when it comes to reading. But there are few things that have to be considered when you want to surrender yourself to the joy and passionate moments when reading. Perhaps this could give you an idea on how to overcome any obstacles that cause the distraction and lack of enthusiast when you hold a book.

Some of the books I’ve read (and still reading)

First, you need to pick any book that suits your genre the best. It’s not like the same thing you do with the text books back in high school, college or university; where you have to read it all because you have to implement any single facts that would guarantee your best results in examination, or better, help you adapt it in your real job. So, to start reading, pick the genre that you like the most. If you’re not clear yet with what kind of genre that suits you best, try to think when you go to the cinema, what kind of movie that you want to see. Its ok when you think love story would toppled other serious or fiction genre in your preference list. Reading is not about merely understanding the subject, it’s also a kind of hobby that needs you to imagine and fantasize things. Without fantasy, there’s no point of reading. Without it, you’re like a production line in the factory; assigned a task and perform what you’re specialized in. That would be no fun at all.

Second, try to get a relax mood before you start reading. Reading is like medication, it needs you to be in a relaxing and calm state so you can focus on the outcome and perhaps producing a better result from your reading. Do not read when you’re sweating, having a headache or stomach ache, or after you’re having fight with someone else that it produce a confusion and rebellious mode. It would turn off your reading enthusiast for a while; it good enough to kill the passion you’ve developed or started to develop. So, be calm, relax and make sure you have done any job, chores, assignments and anything that need your commitment.

Third, read in an environment that could produce a better situation that you need as mentioned in the second step. That means there should be no distraction, clean and silence environment. Some people can overcome the silence factor, that’s why you can see them reading in the public. That’s because they’re in their alpha mode in any aspects mentioned in the second step. They’re passionate, focus and put themselves together with the book as if they’re the character in the book. If the place where you decide to be your reading place is messy and uncomfortable, it will distract you the most. Most of the time you will take time to clear whatever you can see and within your reach.


The final step, give an attention to the lighting aspect. Some people read at night, because they don’t have much time to read during the day; probably for their job commitment. So, they read on their bed (where it would be the best relaxing place for them) or sit on their favorite chair. When it comes to lighting, pick the menthol that is in medium capacity. I mean, if it’s too bright, it would hurt your eyes and perhaps cause some eternal injury to your vision. If it’s too dim, you will get sleepy and end up laying the book on your chest till the morning. The purpose of proper lighting is to help you read in your relax position which would trigger the passion and enjoyment in focusing to your subject, in this case, the book.

So, that’s all the essence and method that I’ve practiced all these time. Hopefully it would help you to gain more curiosity and passionate in reading; because some people would not understand the best thing you could achieve from reading. Some people would think reading book is not cool; yet it generates the perception that only geek, nerd or whatever nickname they would give to people that holds books in their hand. Thanks to them, the reading culture will be the valuable treasure and it can only be found by the successful person out there. Are you one of them?

If you have anything to share on, or think my theories are not helping, share it here with me and the readers. Thanks a lot for reading. You’re one step ahead of possessing the valuable pastime hobby; reading.

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Opel Vectra B – The real shitbox November 22, 2007

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Today I think a lot about matters that would force me to burn my wallet again. If I decide to take it all, there’ll be more than wallet that will be hit by the Armageddon. I wonder why those things I needed requires a lot of money. I’ve been calculating the income that I’ve expected for December. Too bad I have to count in my income for January and February as well!

Let’s start with the items with petty amount to be expensed on. A Nikon D40, a Dopod 838 Pro and little office furniture and fittings for an office I’ve setup at home. Not that I don’t want to make use the current office where NXG Solutions located at, but I’m trying to avoid the conflict of interest in managing the business(es).


So far, the only thing that would cause a super headache will be the cost of swapping the engine. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned that I drive a Honda and the Opel Vectra B. The latter I bought in cash, given the current market value allows me to avoid the necessity of applying the loan. That would give me less allocation for payment of debt from my income. So the only things I need to consider are the annual tax, insurance, petrol, service and maintenance.


The only thing with the Opel is the engine. Given that it is fully imported, the spare parts for the engine are the rarest thing in Labuan. Just imagine sensor oxygen will cost me RM 1,000 including installation; which was broken during my stay in Australia (courtesy of whoever drove the car that time). I inspect the case where the entire important sensor were put in one place, and realized there’s more than four sensors, and it all looks like it’s going to be broken in two months to come. Imagine if I have to change the other four sensors, and it all costs me RM 4,000 in total – that would be the cost of swapping Japanese made engine to the Opel.


I’ve made my mind – swap the Opel Vectra ECOTEC engine to any 3S engine from Toyota. Be it the 3S from the Caldina, Altezza or MR2, I still haven’t decide yet. All I need now is an engine that capable enough to give an average performance to the car. It’s a daily use car. Plus, I need a cheaper maintenance, spare parts and I want a manual transmission. So far, there’s an offer for the engine, complete with the manual transmission for RM 5,000.00. I’m still looking for other options. There’s also another offer but with different engine, that is the RB20 from Nissan Skyline series – not sure if it’s from the R32 or R33, but I have to keep the sense together that the Opel will be used only for daily use; from home to office. If I want a race breed engine, I’ll go for the Nissan Fairlady 350Z, Nissan Sylvia, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7 or any other super car.


For now, I keep the Opel at home, leaving it for good, for now. While the fuel consumption is pretty inefficient, due to some problems with the fuel pump and the fuel line, I expect there’ll be some problems with the gearbox as well (my apology, I forgot the term ‘gearbox’ for auto tranny car – is it torque converter?).
My friend ever said any cars from Japan are shit box, and praised this Opel for its engineering technology. It’s proven now that no matter how modern and hi-tech the car is, it will be the real shit box if the spare part for it are not available in masses and it costs a night with Paris Hilton just to make it work.
For now, I’ll manage my savings and look for any opportunity to make more money, for the sake of fixing the shitbox.

Dopod 838 Pro – I want November 18, 2007

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Remember when I ran a survey which I asked for your opinion on which PDA should I get? I made my mind back then, that Dopod 838 Pro would be the one. And I am still collecting money to get it; and other things that I’ve been wanting for. Sometime ago, I’ve tried looking for unlocked phone and hoping that I will find one; my desired Dopod 838 Pro. Too bad I didn’t have much time to look for it in Brisbane.

Currently I’m using O2 XDA II Mini, which borrowed to me by a friend, Adam. Since he’s using O2 Stealth for managing the company matters, he lends me this Mini so I can use it. It’s really useful to track down my to-do-list things, and keep a draft notes whenever we’re discussing the project management and decides the outcomes of every possible way of dealing with it. I must say it’s very useful, though I haven’t explored any other programs installed in the PDA’s.

But I expect there’s more I can do with the Dopod 838 Pro, simply for it specification (which I hope can support certain programs that I will use in the future) and it’s physical appearance, which will keep me stick to keyboard-friendly fingers. Pointing a stylus to the screen doesn’t seem to be interesting. I still want to feel the input done by hitting the keypad. Slap me hard, but I’m loyal to tapping my fingers.

In few weeks to come, I will get my own PDA, which is the Dopod 838 Pro. By then, I’ll be getting a simulation for calculating insurance premium for the Dopod, since I got my license back and re-emerge my insurance profession as my side income source. Though I’ve been closing few deals recently, but I hope with the PDA’s, the job will be getting easier, and closing the deal will be, hopefully, more sweeter than taking out my laptop and consume much space on the table, depends on where I want to get it done.

Till then, I’ll keep crossing my fingers.


Hello world! November 12, 2007

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Power to the people?

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Note : I am back to my project, Labuan Bird Park and MyLabuanIsland after putting it in abandon mode for many months. I’m still collecting info and busy taking photos of birds and places.

Lately I’ve been reading all news with regards to Labuan, which all relates to politics. The heat of the Election Day (which still anonymous to me; of course) fired up my interest on taking parts in this thinking process. First and foremost, I’m not into politics, but my love to this island will never go. I mean, I want to see any positive things happen on this island, for everyone sake, instead of for certain peoples holding powers and peoples’ tax money.

Let’s start with the news I’ve read while I was in Kota Kinabalu. It was reported that the Keadilan candidate is planning to give Labuan back to Sabah if the party won the election in Labuan. Until now, I don’t know if there are any people officially holding the Keadilan candidate status in Labuan. This matter provoked Labuan Parliament Member, YB Suhaili Abd Rahman and issued a statement in a press conference that he will make sure the said Keadilan candidate will lose big time and will forget about giving back Labuan to Sabah, forever. I see this as a normal defense in politics, though the expression doesn’t seem to be professional. But then, to give back Labuan (after it was declared as Federal Territory, joining Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya) to Sabah is a big insult to Labuan citizen’s intelligence and society integration as a whole. Some people love this idea, simply for thinking that Labuan has not developed much in general and most people didn’t benefit in certain areas that has been given a serious focus since Barisan Nasional holding the political power in Labuan. I admit there’s much has been done on the Oil & Gas Industry, the Offshore Financial status.

But to give back Labuan to Sabah, in purpose to gain more development and business opportunities, as seen by me personally as insulting the credibility’s of the local people that trying their best to contribute more to the island in general, by giving more job opportunities, financial support and strength and of course, putting Labuan more visible in world map. Though some outsiders see Labuan as a center of entertainment, with the supplement of free duty alcohols and the flooding of sex workers, most of us don’t see that as an advantage to Labuan, instead raping us mentally for being in denial for many years. Though there’s a statement issued by some big shot in Labuan line of administration that entertainment in Labuan is among the top contribution to the island economy, I believe that’s a statement issued by a person that unsecured of seeing himself incapable of creating and developing other areas of economic contributions to the society. Seriously, the exposures in Labuan business in many other areas are in a very pity state.

Right now, I see myself not on both side. Boldly, I reject the idea of giving back Labuan to Sabah. Then, I don’t see many changes in Labuan development, other than spending RM 5 millions on flowers that it lifespan won’t stay longer than a week.

With the extension of the air strip and the upgrades of the Labuan Airport, which then the status will be upgraded to be similar to the KKIA, more people will cross their fingers in hoping that there will be more boost to tourism industry, job opportunities and many more benefits that I can’t confirm for now. I look at the project as fruitful, given that MAS and AirAsia will put more flying route in their schedule. Or perhaps FireFly will start to dominate in Labuan – KK route after this, who knows. We still are crossing our fingers to see more opportunities in many ways.

With rumors flying around that the current YB’s will give way to the new YB’s for the coming election, more hopes and prediction emerges in many peoples mind. I have to admit, most people don’t see the effectiveness in the current administration, though some projects almost finished, and some are still in progress. Perhaps it’s because of the YB’s that never close to the voters. A big no-no to anyone that holding a position which based on people’s trust and confidence.

With so many stories and the obvious wasted people’s money on visible projects, people started to give more discrete judgment on who should be the next Parliament Member of Labuan territory.

I believe there’s now a total understanding in the phrase “Power to the People”. Now, we just have to WAIT for implementation, for WAITING is the main essence in our mentality. Or should I say, “Tak Apa laaaaa”?