Power to the people? November 12, 2007

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Note : I am back to my project, Labuan Bird Park and MyLabuanIsland after putting it in abandon mode for many months. I’m still collecting info and busy taking photos of birds and places.

Lately I’ve been reading all news with regards to Labuan, which all relates to politics. The heat of the Election Day (which still anonymous to me; of course) fired up my interest on taking parts in this thinking process. First and foremost, I’m not into politics, but my love to this island will never go. I mean, I want to see any positive things happen on this island, for everyone sake, instead of for certain peoples holding powers and peoples’ tax money.

Let’s start with the news I’ve read while I was in Kota Kinabalu. It was reported that the Keadilan candidate is planning to give Labuan back to Sabah if the party won the election in Labuan. Until now, I don’t know if there are any people officially holding the Keadilan candidate status in Labuan. This matter provoked Labuan Parliament Member, YB Suhaili Abd Rahman and issued a statement in a press conference that he will make sure the said Keadilan candidate will lose big time and will forget about giving back Labuan to Sabah, forever. I see this as a normal defense in politics, though the expression doesn’t seem to be professional. But then, to give back Labuan (after it was declared as Federal Territory, joining Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya) to Sabah is a big insult to Labuan citizen’s intelligence and society integration as a whole. Some people love this idea, simply for thinking that Labuan has not developed much in general and most people didn’t benefit in certain areas that has been given a serious focus since Barisan Nasional holding the political power in Labuan. I admit there’s much has been done on the Oil & Gas Industry, the Offshore Financial status.

But to give back Labuan to Sabah, in purpose to gain more development and business opportunities, as seen by me personally as insulting the credibility’s of the local people that trying their best to contribute more to the island in general, by giving more job opportunities, financial support and strength and of course, putting Labuan more visible in world map. Though some outsiders see Labuan as a center of entertainment, with the supplement of free duty alcohols and the flooding of sex workers, most of us don’t see that as an advantage to Labuan, instead raping us mentally for being in denial for many years. Though there’s a statement issued by some big shot in Labuan line of administration that entertainment in Labuan is among the top contribution to the island economy, I believe that’s a statement issued by a person that unsecured of seeing himself incapable of creating and developing other areas of economic contributions to the society. Seriously, the exposures in Labuan business in many other areas are in a very pity state.

Right now, I see myself not on both side. Boldly, I reject the idea of giving back Labuan to Sabah. Then, I don’t see many changes in Labuan development, other than spending RM 5 millions on flowers that it lifespan won’t stay longer than a week.

With the extension of the air strip and the upgrades of the Labuan Airport, which then the status will be upgraded to be similar to the KKIA, more people will cross their fingers in hoping that there will be more boost to tourism industry, job opportunities and many more benefits that I can’t confirm for now. I look at the project as fruitful, given that MAS and AirAsia will put more flying route in their schedule. Or perhaps FireFly will start to dominate in Labuan – KK route after this, who knows. We still are crossing our fingers to see more opportunities in many ways.

With rumors flying around that the current YB’s will give way to the new YB’s for the coming election, more hopes and prediction emerges in many peoples mind. I have to admit, most people don’t see the effectiveness in the current administration, though some projects almost finished, and some are still in progress. Perhaps it’s because of the YB’s that never close to the voters. A big no-no to anyone that holding a position which based on people’s trust and confidence.

With so many stories and the obvious wasted people’s money on visible projects, people started to give more discrete judgment on who should be the next Parliament Member of Labuan territory.

I believe there’s now a total understanding in the phrase “Power to the People”. Now, we just have to WAIT for implementation, for WAITING is the main essence in our mentality. Or should I say, “Tak Apa laaaaa”?


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