Dopod 838 Pro – I want November 18, 2007

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Remember when I ran a survey which I asked for your opinion on which PDA should I get? I made my mind back then, that Dopod 838 Pro would be the one. And I am still collecting money to get it; and other things that I’ve been wanting for. Sometime ago, I’ve tried looking for unlocked phone and hoping that I will find one; my desired Dopod 838 Pro. Too bad I didn’t have much time to look for it in Brisbane.

Currently I’m using O2 XDA II Mini, which borrowed to me by a friend, Adam. Since he’s using O2 Stealth for managing the company matters, he lends me this Mini so I can use it. It’s really useful to track down my to-do-list things, and keep a draft notes whenever we’re discussing the project management and decides the outcomes of every possible way of dealing with it. I must say it’s very useful, though I haven’t explored any other programs installed in the PDA’s.

But I expect there’s more I can do with the Dopod 838 Pro, simply for it specification (which I hope can support certain programs that I will use in the future) and it’s physical appearance, which will keep me stick to keyboard-friendly fingers. Pointing a stylus to the screen doesn’t seem to be interesting. I still want to feel the input done by hitting the keypad. Slap me hard, but I’m loyal to tapping my fingers.

In few weeks to come, I will get my own PDA, which is the Dopod 838 Pro. By then, I’ll be getting a simulation for calculating insurance premium for the Dopod, since I got my license back and re-emerge my insurance profession as my side income source. Though I’ve been closing few deals recently, but I hope with the PDA’s, the job will be getting easier, and closing the deal will be, hopefully, more sweeter than taking out my laptop and consume much space on the table, depends on where I want to get it done.

Till then, I’ll keep crossing my fingers.


5 Responses to “Dopod 838 Pro – I want”

  1. maslight Says:

    nice..u know i met my fren and i saw this SE w880 punya cute…slim omg~ i want! T_T

  2. Zainijimmy Says:

    waa.. how much it would cost ah sr?

  3. Ratu Syura Says:

    Yayy! You finally decided to get this one! Rafiq’s currently using this too. But he’s got his head on iPhone la, HTC TyTn II laa..

    I like the keyboard feature too! So senang wanna msg!

  4. Haizum Says:

    Hmm… Aku nda juga terlampau gadgets gadgets ni. My sister uses an 02 I think. I like it only cause she has banyak games! he he he

  5. SR215 Says:

    maslight : It’s undeniable that Sony Ericsson produces a slim and sexy design phone. I want to get an SE as well, but thinking of the functions that I will need, I will stick to the Dopod. 🙂

    Zaini : Aisehmen, so malu to tell la.. hhahahaha

    Ratu Syura : Cool. But if he decides to get himself an iPhone, that would be even better!

    haizum : Ya, the game in any WIndows platform PDA seems to be more interesting than the… uhmm… *whisper*nokia, etc.

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