How to start reading at your best? November 23, 2007

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I think everyone knows my hobby on reading books. In fact, I can put myself in my most silence and focus state when it comes to reading. But there are few things that have to be considered when you want to surrender yourself to the joy and passionate moments when reading. Perhaps this could give you an idea on how to overcome any obstacles that cause the distraction and lack of enthusiast when you hold a book.

Some of the books I’ve read (and still reading)

First, you need to pick any book that suits your genre the best. It’s not like the same thing you do with the text books back in high school, college or university; where you have to read it all because you have to implement any single facts that would guarantee your best results in examination, or better, help you adapt it in your real job. So, to start reading, pick the genre that you like the most. If you’re not clear yet with what kind of genre that suits you best, try to think when you go to the cinema, what kind of movie that you want to see. Its ok when you think love story would toppled other serious or fiction genre in your preference list. Reading is not about merely understanding the subject, it’s also a kind of hobby that needs you to imagine and fantasize things. Without fantasy, there’s no point of reading. Without it, you’re like a production line in the factory; assigned a task and perform what you’re specialized in. That would be no fun at all.

Second, try to get a relax mood before you start reading. Reading is like medication, it needs you to be in a relaxing and calm state so you can focus on the outcome and perhaps producing a better result from your reading. Do not read when you’re sweating, having a headache or stomach ache, or after you’re having fight with someone else that it produce a confusion and rebellious mode. It would turn off your reading enthusiast for a while; it good enough to kill the passion you’ve developed or started to develop. So, be calm, relax and make sure you have done any job, chores, assignments and anything that need your commitment.

Third, read in an environment that could produce a better situation that you need as mentioned in the second step. That means there should be no distraction, clean and silence environment. Some people can overcome the silence factor, that’s why you can see them reading in the public. That’s because they’re in their alpha mode in any aspects mentioned in the second step. They’re passionate, focus and put themselves together with the book as if they’re the character in the book. If the place where you decide to be your reading place is messy and uncomfortable, it will distract you the most. Most of the time you will take time to clear whatever you can see and within your reach.


The final step, give an attention to the lighting aspect. Some people read at night, because they don’t have much time to read during the day; probably for their job commitment. So, they read on their bed (where it would be the best relaxing place for them) or sit on their favorite chair. When it comes to lighting, pick the menthol that is in medium capacity. I mean, if it’s too bright, it would hurt your eyes and perhaps cause some eternal injury to your vision. If it’s too dim, you will get sleepy and end up laying the book on your chest till the morning. The purpose of proper lighting is to help you read in your relax position which would trigger the passion and enjoyment in focusing to your subject, in this case, the book.

So, that’s all the essence and method that I’ve practiced all these time. Hopefully it would help you to gain more curiosity and passionate in reading; because some people would not understand the best thing you could achieve from reading. Some people would think reading book is not cool; yet it generates the perception that only geek, nerd or whatever nickname they would give to people that holds books in their hand. Thanks to them, the reading culture will be the valuable treasure and it can only be found by the successful person out there. Are you one of them?

If you have anything to share on, or think my theories are not helping, share it here with me and the readers. Thanks a lot for reading. You’re one step ahead of possessing the valuable pastime hobby; reading.

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2 Responses to “How to start reading at your best?”

  1. Jewelle Says:

    It’s obvious that I do read because I read this till the end 🙂

    And I am certainly one of the those folks who can shut off everything and read in public – in fact, I usually try to have a book so waiting for anything is never wasted.

  2. SR215 Says:

    Good on you, Jewelle.

    I still have that problem on concentrating. For now I will just read in my little red box. 🙂

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