It’s wedding festive! December 2, 2007

Filed under: Personal Opinion — saifulrizan @ 1:27 am
It’s holiday season, and there they are, wedding invitations card laying on the table. I tried my best to attend to all the invitations. Some people would say it’s inappropriate to not attent to the wedding, furthermore if the host or the bride themselves invited you personally. A friend from Johore called me the other day, and invited me personally to her wedding ceremony. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the ceremony of my best friend, Fasha and Radzi. I bet Fasha would look very pretty and elegant in her costume jewelry.

Since it’s a common thing to get married during holiday season, and it’s always during the weekend, the timing of the wedding ceremony sometimes doesn’t allow me to go to five wedding invitations in one day. I would want to be respectful to the host, by spending a couple of hours at the wedding ceremony; witnessing a pair of love bird legalize their relationship. Or just taking sometimes enjoying tasty food and oggling on potential love birds on the scene *naughty mode ON!*

One thing that I always tring to avoid; the simple question, a one line mantra, a set of words, that always simple but meaningful (I never thought it would be meaningful – NEVER!)- “So, when is your turn?”

It’s been like that every now and then. And there’s always one universal answer for such question, for people like me.

“Don’t know, don’t care”

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