Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 2 December 3, 2007

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Following the post of Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 1, this time, this post will display a set of pictures of what on show there, everyday from 3 -5 pm.


First, the staff (there were three of them) will educate the crowd about the crocodile physical features. A voice from one booth will tell it all, while the staff in the dried pool moves around the crocodile body to demonstrate according to the explanation from the booth.

This is the thinnest skin part of a crocodile body


Then another guy helped the first guy by re-positioning the crocodile to the back of the first guy. It was a dancing time!
First show was about to get started. The staff calmed down the crocodile by rubbing the crocodile face. As I look at the crocodile, they don’t even open their eyes. Are they sleeping or what?


Oi! Don’t poke my eyes la!

Then the show started.



This is how you brush the predator teeth.



Relax for a while lah

Mating demonstration 😉

Now satisfied, I let you rest for a while la. 

Now get another one

I came, I saw…

I kiss…. 

So that’s all or maybe part of the show in Sandakan Crocodile Farm. It brought back the memories and new experiences as well. This is a must go place in Sandakan, apart from other historical and interesting places available for outsiders who come to Sandakan.

That’s all for now my friends. If there’s any chance in future that I will have opportunity to visit Sandakan again, this will be in my top list of places to go.


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3 Responses to “Sandakan Crocodile Farm – Part 2”

  1. CharlesWilliamGedius Says:

    Dude you croc pic is really scary.
    & thx dude for the comment at


  2. SR215 Says:

    Hahaha. Thanks charles!

  3. Shemah Says:

    Yay! my comp is fixed.. can come over to your blog without crashing oredi.. hehehehe..

    Anyways, those crocs look mean.. You pay me how much pun I don’t wanna do what that man is doing.. sca-ry!

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