HobbyCon 2007, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah December 8, 2007

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HobbyCon 2007, organized by ClickStartPlay, the first hobby online forum in Sabah made me come to Kota Kinabalu. Volunteering myself to take pictures with my ProSumer camera; in the sea of dSLRs, is a chance to learn taking pictures of an event. The last time I participated in event photography is the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2007. To make it interesting, part of ClickStartPlay team consists of KK bloggers, whom are my blog friends.

Cubex, from

During the first day, I felt a bit exhausted, because I’ve waited for almost 3 hours at Labuan Ferry Terminal, spent 2 hours in the ferry, and drove all the way to Kota Kinabalu for 2 hours. Reached KK around 1 am, so it won’t be in my list of best things I’ve achieved; it’s my first time driving from Menumbok to Kota Kinabalu at night.


Although I didn’t rest enough and well prepared for the HobbyCon2007, the event itself is really interesting. Forget the tiredness for a while, enjoy the event for it will only be held for two days; else have to wait for next year.


I met all the blog friends, and this is my first time seeing them live. I think they didn’t know I am Saifulrizan, because I seldom put my picture in my blog. I’ve met Flanegan and Julian a couple of times before, so it’s not hard for them to recognize me. Flanegan shared some tips on taking pictures, and Julian as always so interesting and fun to talk with. After all, I’m glad to know and meet them; Julian, Flanegan, Maslight, Cubex, Acom, Hangmen and some I forgot their blog site.

Anyway, did I tell you my camera cannot cope with the lighting and the fast moving action in Pump It Up tournament and the KKCC dance? Julian confessed the same thing, but Flanegan saved the day by convincing us it’s the effect. *wink*


Somehow, I can’t believe I did this.


I asked Flanegan, and he said it can be done better with the camera alone without using software to create the effect, by setting up another flash on the other side to make the subject (in my case, the girl in red) look more outstanding than the crowd.

This event is the first of its kind in Sabah. I hope there will be more to come in the future for such scene to solid their foundation in Sabah, so I can come and volunteer myself to take pictures of the girls event.

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5 Responses to “HobbyCon 2007, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah”

  1. Shemah Says:

    wow~ It really seems interesting (although I have no idea what to do there if I went). But seeing the pics makes me wanna check it out myself!

  2. maslight Says:

    saiful!!! ko teda tegur se T_T

  3. LeeHng Says:

    i really like that last shot. the effect is damn cool! 😀

    yeah lucky theres flanegan to save the day! See u later man!

  4. Edgar Says:

    nice shot on rina!

    man, i kalah la with the gears you guys have!

    *envy* *envy*

  5. Saiful Says:

    shemah : you should!

    mas : malu2 kucing ah. hahahaha

    leehng : it’s all raw from the camera. 🙂

    edgar : dont be like that la. I even started from camera handphone only. 🙂

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